Top Holiday Gifts and Unique Holiday Gifts

Top Holiday Gifts and Unique Holiday Gifts


Are you searching for a unique holiday gift? 
Nothing says Whimsical and Sentimental like a Kaleidoscope!  Take a
look at this kaleidoscope by Sue Rioux, Just take a look at the
expression on the Mermaid's face!

Top Holiday Gifts,  Femo clay hand sculpted

Sue is known for her sculptural kaleidoscopes of
all sorts of animals; but the Mermaid takes the cake!

Top Holiday Gifts, Wooden Kaleidoscopes, By David Collier


Another top holiday gift of a kaleidoscope is this
lovely wooden kaleidoscope; the Magic Maker.  Fantastic
solid wood construction and vibrant colors within coupled with a great

Unique Holiday Gifts, Wooden Kaleidoscope, David Collier PeaceKeeper3 In Laminated woods Including Padauk


Looking for a kaleidoscope with a little more
pizazz? Try the PeaceKeeper, also by David Collier with designs of
laminated woods and an articulating object cell.  The 2 mirror
system creates a beautiful Mandala image with the vibrant FeMo clay and
glass mixture within the object cell.


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