A Brief History of Blown Art Glass

Blown art glass is a beautiful type of glass that has a rich history. This unique, visually-stunning glass allows viewers to see amazing patterns when using a kaleidoscope. A fascinating history allows fans of the artistic type of glass to learn more about how it was developed.

blown art glass

A Historical Overview of Art Glass

Here is an overview of some of the most important events related to this type of glass.

  • While sand has to be exposed to high heat in order to form glass, glass has been used artistically since approximately 1600 B.C. Pieces including vases and jugs that were made with glass during this time were considered to be rare and valuable.
  • Glass blowing is a technique that has been used since 100 B.C.
  • Transparent glass was not developed until the 1800s. Brightly-colored pieces were common before techniques for creating transparent glass were properly developed.
  • Artistic pieces that were made entirely of glass were especially popular during the Victorian era. Ornate vases adorned many upper-class homes during this time.
  • Glass is a material that is still used in artistic pieces today. Glass blowing is a specialized skill that has become more popular as artists become interested in learning this technique. One major appeal of blown glass is the fact that each piece is completely unique due to the method that is used to create it.

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