A great Mother’s Day Gift Idea – Kaleidoscope Jewelry

Healy Amethyst Kaleidoscope Necklace

Healy Amethyst Kaleidoscope Necklace

I always have a hard time figuring out a great Mother’s Day Gift Idea. The breakfast in bed only works while you live at home. When you are grown with your own kids and Mom is retired, here’s a great and whimsical accessory idea. Sterling Silver kaleidoscope jewelry.

The Healys make incredible and delicate kaleidoscope necklaces that are embellished with semiprecious cabochon set stones. I personally have 3 pieces in my own jewelry box and love wearing them. The optics inside are just delightful also.

You would think a scope so tiny would be hard to view, but Deborah and Kevin work their magic with magnification lenses that make the wonderful mandala images seem about 5 times larger than you expect!

Take a look and browse around Kaleidoscopes To You for a Great Mother’s Day Gift idea.

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