Build the Perfect Halloween Goodie Bag with Kaleidoscopes & Healthy Snacks

Want to spice up this year’s Halloween goodie bags? Why not toss fun kaleidoscopes for kids into some goodie bags? Today’s parents are becoming more health conscious with their children and most of them enjoy seeing a healthy snack or toy in their Halloween treat pail. Also, giving a child something that will last for longer than a chocolate bar will be more exciting to the little one.

There are many great health conscious ways to treat little trick-or-treaters who stop by on Halloween. It’s important to give them something prepackaged and not homemade as many parents are very cautious about those types of treats from strangers. There are many great prepackaged foods at the grocery store you can pick up for Halloween night.

Here are some fun ideas to make your Halloween treats healthy and fun:
” Kaleidoscopes
” Fruit snacks
” Individual size bag of pretzels
” Animal cracker boxes
” Chocolate chip granola bars
” Dollar bills
” String cheese
” Cereal bars
” Sunflower seeds
” Sidewalk chalk
” Boxes of raisins
” 100 calorie pack snacks

See how easy it is to create a great Halloween goodie bag with exciting, new items? Kids will love them because it’s something different, and parents will love them for being healthy and fun for their children. Check out our selection of kaleidoscopes for kids under $5 at What a fun way to brighten a child’s Halloween night!

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