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Kaleidoscope Gifts for Everyone’s Shopping List!

There’s a chill in the air and the snow is beginning to fall. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. You know what that means; holiday shopping! Start crossing names off your holiday shopping list with help from At Kaleidoscopes To You we have gifts for everyone on your list!

Mom ” Give mom a gift she can carry with her always, a beautiful kaleidoscope necklace. Choose from stunning pieces made of silver, genuine Swarovski Crystals, antique pewter and more. Much like a real kaleidoscopes, the chambers of our kaleidoscope necklaces are filled with glass beads, so when you take a peek inside you see wonderful colors and shapes.

Dad ” In addition to dad’s yearly bottle of wine, give him one of our wooden wine accessories. Choose from handcrafted wine stoppers, corkscrews, foil cutters, drip catchers and more. Dad will love showing off these fantastic wine accessories on his bar.

Brother ” If your brother is fascinated with building things then a kaleidoscope kit is the perfect present! Check out our new Galactic Kaleidoscopes Kit, which allows children to fill the kaleidoscopes chamber with planes and stars, providing for endless amounts of imagination and stargazing!

Sister ” Your sister will enjoy taking notes with this handcrafted custom kaleidoscope pen! Available in three colors: lime green, pink, and teal green, peer inside of this unique pen for a colorful, one of a kind view.

For more holiday gift ideas, visit We’re your source for one of a kind kaleidoscope gifts and more!

Kinetic Art Mobiles Make Intriguing Gifts

There are times when you may be at a loss for gift ideas, but kinetic art mobiles provide amazing gift ideas for people from a variety of interests and backgrounds. If you don’t want to spend money on a piece of equipment that will be quickly set aside, beautiful Hotchkiss Mobiles are exceptional choices that will provide your gift recipients with exquisite pieces of home décor. These stunning pieces of artwork serve as captivating displays for people of all ages.

Finding a great gift for a parent can be challenging, but if you have a parent who loves intriguing artwork or interesting decorative items, kinetic art mobiles are perfect! They can be displayed in just about any room, and the captivating combination of elegant design elements and motion makes a mobile a soothing piece to observe. Hotchkiss mobiles are recognized in museum galleries, created by Joel Hotchkiss since 1976. These attractive pieces are wonderful conversation pieces, exceptional gifts for those who love contemporary art. Of course, a mobile is a fun item to use in distracting a young child, making these exquisite designs interesting choices in gifts for new parents. They are equally appreciated by architects and school teachers, worthy of giving or purchasing for use in your own home.

Discover the Perfect Gift with Engraved Kaleidoscopes

Finding the perfect gift for the person who has everything is often a difficult proposition. So is trying to find something for a work colleague. The many different engraved kaleidoscopes available at Kaleidoscopes to You are just the thing when you need a gift that is inexpensive, yet personal.

We have a wide selection of quality kaleidoscopes that make great gifts that your recipient will proudly display as a conversation piece on his or her desk, mantel or other treasured spot. Each item sold by Kaleidoscopes to you lists the products optics and dimensions, along with engraving and personalization options.

When searching for engraved kaleidoscopes, browse through the many available models manufactured with metal or wood. Simply click on the photo to get details. You’ll even see customer reviews for many products, ensuring you that all gifts purchased at Kaleidoscopes to You are made of quality materials, are long lasting, and provide hours of enjoyment. Our products are ideal as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, corporate milestones, or even as a gift to yourself. Remember that all overs over $150 are shipped free. We also offer flat rate economy shipping for smaller orders.

The Beauty of Kinetic Art Mobiles

If you love unique art accents for your home, then you will be thrilled with the beautiful kinetic art mobiles available from Kaleidoscopes to You. The site specializes in many fine pieces that are meant to intrigue while accenting a decorative environment and the kinetic art mobiles are some of the most captivating choices available. The artistic individual will love the many shape and color choices found. The inquisitive adult or child will be captivated by the motion of each piece in a mobile.

The particularly creative Hotchkiss mobile designs are excellent for those who love modern art. Varied sizing, color and shape choices within a mobile create just the right sense of balance and whimsy. The Hotchkiss mobile designs are the work of a renowned mobile artist, Joel Hotchkiss, who has been creating unique designs for both residential and commercial use since the early 1980s. The award-winning studio has received special recognition as a Best of New England gallery from Yankee Magazine. The designs of the artist are available in many fine arts shops and museums around the country. The kinetic art designs of Hotchkiss are ideal as housewarming, holiday and birthday gifts for individuals who love beautiful accents.

Wow Dad This Father’s Day with Kaleidoscopes & Teleidoscopes

You know Dad. It’s hard to shop for him. You want to get him something unique that he’ll appreciate and enjoy this year. But you’re out of ideas and you’ve taken to the internet to find something special. And although it’s not a traditional Father’s Day gift, you can imagine Dad sitting in a chair, playing with a kaleidoscope when no one’s looking. You know he’ll find some time to sneak off and gaze through a teleidoscope after a long day. So why not give him something as unique as his personality?

Our hand-crafted kaleidoscopes are achievements in quality woodworking and mirror systems will provide Dad with unlimited hours of color visions and experiences. Our teleidoscopes turn everyday objects into kaleidoscopic subjects. Just point the teleidoscope at anything you want, and the image you see through the eyepiece will become the focus of the kaleidoscopic motion. From egg-shaped kaleidoscopes to laminated wooden teleidoscopes, we’ve got the best kaleidoscopic presents for Dad. Don’t forget our handmade wooden wine stoppers, foil cutters, and drip catchers, expertly crafted from rich woods. We also offer 1 ½ inch Signed Glass Marbles from Fritz Glass, decorated internally with rainbow belts.

So this Father’s Day, don’t make Dad settle for a gift certificate or another DVD. Give him something unique from our Father’s Day collection at

Wind Down With Wooden Wine Accessories

From the NAPA valley to upstate New York, people all across America love wine, and it’s never been easier to look like a vino connoisseur than with some of the great grape accessories we offer. We have some brand new wine accessories that any wine enthusiast will need.

Foil Cutter ” Getting the bottle open is potentially the most aggravating part of the wine drinking experience. Getting out the knife and delicately cutting the foil could be stressful for some. Our foil cutters totally eliminate that hassle with class and style. Once you open the dark blue gift box, you’ll see artfully crafted lacquered finished Padauk hardwood with jalneem and ebony accents. With a simple twist of the cutter, the foil is removed and you can move on to the next step.

Uncorking ” Don’t fumble around with loud ugly corkscrews. Match the wood motif with our classy wooden corkscrews. Made from Padauk hardwood, our corkscrew and multi-tool will add a touch of savoir faire to your Sauvignon.

Drip Catcher ” There’s no need to stain your counter tops and get your wine bottle sticky any more. With our drip catchers, you can avoid nasty drips that can ruin an evening. These simple, yet affective wooden drip catchers adds an elegant flair to any bottle and keeps counters clean.

Bottle Holders ” So there’s still some wine left over and you want to maintain the rich and robust flavor and bouquet. Look no further than our fun and fashionable wine bottle holders. Our wood bottle holders make a great addition to any kitchen and keep your wine fresh for next time.

So there you have it, everything you need to make your next romantic evening or dinner party easier and classier. With just a few accessories, you too can have everything a wine enthusiast needs to make your wine shine.

Caring for your Kaleidoscope

We hope you had a great holiday! If you received kaleidoscope gifts from friends and family you may be wondering how to take care of your awesome new gift. Here are a few great tips for keeping your kaleidoscope clean and in pristine condition, so that it will last you many great magnificent years!

“Eliminate dust and dirt on your kaleidoscope by displaying your scope in a clear display case.
“Keep your kaleidoscope out of direct light. Sunlight is terrible for some scopes as it fades the colors of woods, dried flowers and beads in wheels and fabrics.
“Clean glass eyepieces with any household glass cleaner to keep you view clear and dust and dirt away from your eyes. Spray a little on a Q-tip and gently wipe. Never spray directly on the scope as you could then see moisture damage occur.
“For wooden kaleidoscope gifts use a furniture polish for unfinished wood or a multi surface cleaner for lacquered wood.
“Glass or mirrored exteriors can be cleaned with most household glass cleaners. Check labels to make sure it is safe for all parts of the scope that you may apply it to.
“Keep kaleidoscopes out of humidity. This can cause damage to the scopes and make wood swell or dry out and begin to crack.

These are just some easy ways to keep your kaleidoscope gifts you received this holiday in great, long lasting condition! We hope you love your new scope and have many great times with it. To check out our kaleidoscope gifts check out!

Unique & Affordable Kaleidoscope Gifts for the Holidays

Believe it or not, the Holiday Season has arrived, which means it’s time to start thinking about Christmas parties, decorations and shopping for gifts. If you need to buy small gifts for several people or children, then affordability and creativity are key aspects. Kaleidoscope gifts are unique and affordable, making them the perfect gifts or stocking stuffers. Below, we’ve list some of our most original kaleidoscope gifts that people of all ages will enjoy.

Kaleidoscope Pens – These affordable pens will certainly amaze your gift recipients when they take a break from writers block to gaze into their colorful kaleidoscope pen.
Candy Kit Kaleidoscope – We all love candy, buy have you ever experienced the beauty of sugary candy images within a kaleidoscope? This one-of-a-kind kit makes a great Advent calendar gift!
Keychain Kaleidoscopes – These are fun kaleidoscopes for kids or adults to attach to their backpacks or key rings.
Basic Themed Kaleidoscopes – Basic small kaleidoscopes are great stocking stuffers and come in a wide array of colors of themes. From dolphin themed to snowman themed, we have the perfect kaleidoscope gifts for all interests.
Kaleidoscope Necklace – Our affordable kaleidoscope necklaces come in a variety of colors and fun patterns to enjoy. They make the perfect gifts to distribute to kids or even co-workers.
Ice Cream Cone Kaleidoscope – Love ice cream? This enjoyable ice cream cone shaped kaleidoscope will melt the hearts of every child!

When it comes to shopping for Hanukah gifts and stocking stuffers, Kaleidoscopes To You has you covered, with an amazing assortment of kaleidoscope gifts. We hope you have a great 2012 Holiday Season!

What Everyone Needs To Know About Buying the Perfect Kaleidoscope

The kaleidoscope has been a popular and magnificent gift since it was invented by Sir David Brewster in the 1800s. Since then, kaleidoscopes have evolved from a basic tube with a pair of mirrors and beads, to more stylish models with endless color variations and patterns. With all kinds of options available, we provided a guide on how to buy the perfect kaleidoscope for yourself or that special someone.

” For whom are you buying a Kaleidoscope? If the kaleidoscope is for a child, then inexpensive toy models with vibrant colors are recommended. If you are buying for an adult or yourself, then look for higher quality models with clear and crisp images. Try to choose one with a stylish exterior, so it can be beautifully displayed at home.
” Are you buying for a collector? Are you purchasing a kaleidoscope for someone with a collection, or will he or she be a first time owner? Try to give collectors a model that is new to them. If he has several brass kaleidoscopes, order him a chrome one. If this is your first kaleidoscope purchase, try shopping for hand crafted wooden styles that are affordable and look elegant when displayed on a coffee table.
” Speak with professionals. Kaleidoscopes To You has a dedicated customer service team that will help you with your special purchase.
” Do you want it engraved? Kaleidoscopes already are an art in themselves, but adding a touch of personalization can make them even more special. Whether it’s someone’s name, a company name, or even a brief message, engraved kaleidoscopes are perfect for adding another level of thoughtfulness.

Kaleidoscopes are a fantastic gift for any occasion. We have hundreds of beautifully crafted kaleidoscopes for sale that will leave users in awe at the delightful magic they create.

People of all ages love Kaleidoscopes!

Looking through a kaleidoscope is a favorite childhood pastime, when we observed the magnificently crafted glass patterns through the tiny cylinder. Today, people of all ages continue to love the magic and beauty of kaleidoscopes. From toy kaleidoscopes to kaleidoscope jewelry, kaleidoscopes have evolved immensely to remain fun for all generations.

Introducing a child to a toy kaleidoscope can be a memorable experience for parents, reflecting on the days when you first gazed into one. They remain a popular item to be included inside party bags, as an arcade prize, or as a gift. Kids’ curiosity can be sparked for hours with the fabulous colors & sizes kaleidoscopes have to offer, and many now come with wands to conveniently display different colors right in front of you. Handcrafted, custom kaleidoscope pens make great stocking stuffers. Spark children’s creativity further with a Make Your Own Kaleidoscope kit that is a perfect family-fun activity!

Kaleidoscopes make fantastic gifts for adults as well. Kaleidoscope Jewelry has become a new and unique trend for many women. Wearable necklace kaleidoscopes can be a fun start for a new jewelry collection, with the many styles, colors and finishes that are available. Several of the necklaces have a small pendant attached to the kaleidoscope tube, to give a personal touch to each wearer. Kaleidoscopes To You offers hundreds of jewelry and toy kaleidoscopes that you are sure to love and cherish. Find the perfect gift for loved ones for any occasion, or even for yourself.