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Promote Your Business With Custom Kaleidoscopes

Pens, memo pads, key chains, t-shirts, you’ve tried every type of promotional item available, but if you really want to get your customers attention then you need a promotional item that will make your business stand out from the crowd. has an assortment of unique promotional items, including custom kaleidoscopes and more!

Here are some tips for choosing your promotional gifts.
” Think about what you want these products to do for your business. Do you want to boost sales, thank customers, build brand awareness, or a combination of all three?
” Make sure the company logo and/or the company colors are part of the product design. All of our custom kaleidoscopes can be personalized to reflect the core values of your company.
” Decide how you will distribute your promotional gifts. Whether you include a gift with every order, have a mass mailing, or hand them out to customers in your store, everyone will love your unique promotional kaleidoscopes!
” Keep your message simple. The simpler the advertising message, the easier it will be for customers to remember and understand.

For more information on using custom kaleidoscopes for promotional gifts for your business visit, call us at 888-454-2068, or send us an email at:

3 Tips to Make Your Business Stand Out

Competition is intense no matter what industry your small business falls into. The goal for any business, large or small, is to be noticed and remembered over the competition. One way to do this is through unique branding products or services.

So, how do you promote your business is ways that are memorable and can help convert possible customers. We suggest three ways for unique branding to get your name in the hands of as many people of possible, and more importantly, to be remembered in a positive light.

1. Personalized Kaleidoscopes as Corporate Gifts

” Don’t send important clients or hopeful employees or customers home with boring pens and stress balls, send them home with a kaleidoscope with your business logo and information on it. That client or employee will be impressed with such a unique gift. More importantly, they are sure to remember your business at the top of their mind for future reference. Such items are also perfect for giveaways at various corporate or community events.

2. Social Media
” Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are beginning to play larger roles in the success of many businesses, especially small businesses. These social media sites allow small business to create a community around their brand and create relationships with their clients. The closer a customer or potential customer feels to a business, or feels that the business truly cares, the more likely they are to convert to actual customers and be loyal customers.

3. Be Personal
” So many businesses seem so distant and far from personal. Be sure to connect with your clients and customers on a personal basis as much as possible. Send holiday gifts or coupons, send emails for their birthdays, etc. Customers don’t want to give their money to cold, money hungry business executives, they rather support small, caring, and personable business that care about them. Loyalty is the biggest way to make your company stand out in the eyes of customers and future clients. Loyal customers are the best form of advertising there is.

How do you make your business stand out in the minds of customers and potential customers?

Promotional Kaleidoscopes

Searching for a high quality custom or promotional kaleidoscope? Here we are! We do most of the custom work in our studio here in Iowa so our turnaround time is fast. I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to use our kaleidoscopes so please browse and let me know what ideas you have too for promotional kaleidoscopes.

Custom promotional kaleidoscopes in production

Custom promotional kaleidoscopes in production

Whimsical Jazzy Kaleidoscopes can be customized inside the kaleidoscopic view as well as on the exterior surface for your promotional kaleidoscope needs or event.

Padauk Teleidoscope with laser engraving

Padauk Teleidoscope with laser engraving

Here is an Elegant executive style gift of a teleidoscope that is laser engraved with your company logo or event. This piece is handcrafted of Padauk and laminated woods in India and then assembled into the teleidoscope here in the US. An elegant navy blue box completes the presentation of this lovely promotional kaleidoscope.

Corporate Business Gifts can say a lot to a customer or Business associate

Corporate Business Gifts can say a lot to a customer or Business associate.
Corporate Business Gifts
In this day and age Corporate Business Gifts are a great way to say thank you , seal a deal or just show gratitude from one business to another.
Corporate Business Gifts should be unique and meaningful as you want the client to be impressed with the Corporate Business Gifts that you send them.
Engraved or not?
Some Corporate Business Gifts can be engraved on the plate thanking an employee for example for a job well done or a sales team for meeting a quota, this little thank you, in the Corporate arena goes a long way it is even suggested that a nice thank you and a gift from a boss sometimes brightens an employees attitude better then a raise, that is how powerful a Corporate Business Gifts can be.

Corporate Business Gifts

 Some Corporate Business Gifts might not want to be engraved, here you would spend a bit more and send the Corporate Business Gifts in an appreciation of a service or as a thank you for a service well preformed say by another company that really impressed you or your company. Here you would send a nice thank you card and a higher end Corporate Business Gifts to the client.

Corporate Business Gifts

Promotional Gifts Sick of Fruit baskets?

In this day and age Promotional Gifts are a big hit for businesses, but some do not think outside the box so to speak to keep a client or a possible client interested.

I remember the days in the office when we would get fruit basket after fruit basket, for a Promotional Gift or a thank you gift. These got torn open the card read, then the rest of the basket was just put in the break room and the employees devoured it on break. By the end of the day the basket, the food inside, and the card, were long gone and forgotten.

More promotional gifts received over the years were pens and bracelets ; these too ended up in the trash pretty quick as they either did not write for more than a week, or just had no “catchy appeal” to keep out and visible for too long and they either ended up in a drawer somewhere or in the trash.
Looking for a new twist on Promotional Gifts to give someone?
We recommend Custom Kaleidoscopesthese come in all shapes sizes and prices to fit everyone’s needs, these promotional gifts will not end up in the break room and gone before the end of the day and the person and or company that receives these will surely remember these promotional gifts and your company for a long time.

Kaleidoscope The Perfect Business Gift & Unique Corporate gift.

Custom Corporate Gift

Custom Corporate Gift

Custom Kaleidoscopes make fabulous executive and promotional gifts. We have a wealth of knowledge about the Artists and Studios that produce our promotional kaleidoscopes. We have produced orders from quantities of 5 into the 1000’s. From budgets of just a few dollars per piece to a unique custom kaleidoscope for award presentations. We can help you select the perfect kaleidoscope for your organization or event! Please call Jean at 888 454 2068 or email her at for specific concepts for your company.
Promotional kaleidoscopes

Promotional kaleidoscopes