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From Handmade Kaleidoscopes to Customer Service, We Strive For Excellence!

Here at one of our main priorities is customer satisfaction. Whether you’re purchasing a handmade kaleidoscope or kaleidoscope jewelry, we strive to provide each and every one of our customers with high quality products and exceptional customer service. We love when customers provide us with feedback and wanted to share few of the comments we’ve received.

“I have become a repeat customer because they not only offer high quality kaleidoscopes for reasonable prices but provide an outstanding level of customer service.” – Carol

“The kaleidoscope ordered was received in perfect condition. Your product was considerably better than anything previously received from your competitors. The feature of the colors changing by floating in a liquid was truly amazing us. Thank you for your wonderful product.” – Karen

“I had ordered a kaleidoscope necklace for my niece for her birthday and was impressed as soon as I saw it. I ended up having a small problem with the order and emailed the Kaleidoscopes To You Team. I was very pleased to receive a prompt and personal response. They quickly resolved my problem and shipped me out a new piece right away. I couldn’t have been happier with the product and will keep them in mind for future gifts! It is a very unique gift idea and it is clear the Kaleidoscopes To You Team truly cares about the quality of the product they are selling and they take pride in having satisfied customers. Thank you!!” – Michelle

“Outstanding customer service! Ours was damaged in shipping but we didn’t realize until it was opened for Christmas. One e-mail and the replacement was on its way with a free return document. We had the new one within days with no hassle and zero expense.”- Karen, FL

If you’d like to send us feedback on your experiences with Kaleidoscopes To You, please email us at or call 888-454-2068 to speak with one of our friendly customer service specialists. We look forward to hearing from you!

Shop Black Friday Deals at!

With just 32 shipping days until Christmas, the time for gift buying is now! offers some of the coolest kaleidoscopes for this gift giving season. If you haven’t thought about that unique gift for that special someone, then Kaleidoscopes To you is the perfect place to help! A kaleidoscope is an amazing device, and a piece of art. We offer decorative and custom kaleidoscopes that will be surly put a smile on anybody’s face! If you’re looking to buy that special someone one of a kind jewelry, why not dazzle them with a Kaleidoscope necklace?

Oh, and we forgot to mention! is having a 10% off storewide Black Friday Event! And if that isn’t enough, we’re also offering free shipping for orders over $150.000! To get these awesome deals all you need to do is enter coupon code “thank12” at checkout! Our Black Friday sales run until Sunday, November 25th at 10 PM Central time! Give that loved one a present they’ll cherish forever, or buy yourself a unique treasure that will bring amazement with every viewing! Kaleidoscopes to You wants to wish you a safe and Happy Holiday!

Holiday Elves are Humming along with a kaleidoscope…

Oh, we’re in the holiday spirit here at Kaleidoscopes To You!

We decorated with trees last week and strung some holiday lights! I even changed my Facebook Job title to Chief Holiday Elf! Planning a relaxing dinner with staff and their spouses this Saturday. We have had a unique year with the remodel and starting new work patterns and habits. This YouTube link
Warehouse Remodel on YouTube
shows the warehouse complete, but the offices hadn’t been finished out. Looking forward to a chance to relax and fellowship with everyone to celebrate the end of the remodel and the beginning of the BIG season!

This past weekend with orders was humming along and we have huge amounts of inventory arriving this week from N & J Enterprises, Collier Studios and hopefully Deborah and Kevin Healy, Joanne Jacobs and maybe even Corki Weeks.

Here’s a kaleidoscope we just received from Corki last week!
Corki Weeks Bead Parlor Kaleidoscope Video on YouTube

The scope shown below is the Cathedral Windows Trio scope by Collier – an incredible kaleidoscope value for gift giving this season! And a brand new design this year, so if you need a gift for a collector, you haven’t given this one yet!

Cathedral Windows Kaleidoscope by Collier

Cathedral Windows Kaleidoscope by Collier

I just made a phone call to double check our box order is ready for pickup. We have kaleidoscopes waiting for the inner box so they can get labeled and go on the shelf and be ready for shipping out to customers and gift recipients

So if you need Hannukah or Christmas gifts, now is the time to browse and shop while the selection is phenomenal and the shipping is easy. So dial up some Bing Crosby on iTunes and get to it!

Late stage of Remodel on Independence Day Weekend

Here is a video walkthrough of Late stage of Remodel on Independence Day Weekend .

Karl and I are so excited and grateful for our business to be at this stage on this Independence Day weekend.

Kaleidoscopes To You is here for a long time. We feel that we are preparing our facility for the long term and we have new products and markets in mind for the future as well. Keep watching!

Teleidoscopes and Kaleidoscopes from N & J Enterprises

Just returned from the ACRE show in Las Vegas!

It’s wonderful to spend time with other artists! It’s always great to spend time with our partners on the wholesale side; Jim and Nancy Koscheski. And it’s even better when our existing galleries love the new items!

Nancy, Jim, Karl and I design and create this elegant and affordable line of teleidoscopes and wooden

We introduced 4 new pieces at the ACRE show and fabulous response to them.
Watch for them soon at the above link. We are redesigning the 11 inch tube into a 9 inch tube. This will improve the optics and also bring the price down slightly. Definitely a Win-Win!

12 inch Wheel N&J Kaleidoscope in Padauk Marquetry

12 inch Wheel N&J Kaleidoscope in Padauk Marquetry

Watch for this pattern of Padauk with laminated Ebony, Teak and JalNeem wood to show up on our egg shaped kaleidoscope!

Example of Padauk with Laminated Woods

Example of Padauk with Laminated Woods

And watch for this pocket piece to show up as a kaleidoscope! We are now able to offer this very affordable scope as a kaleidoscope as well as a teleidoscope!

New Padauk Pocket Kaleidoscope

New Padauk Pocket Kaleidoscope

We intend to ignore the economic headlines and forge ahead. We are enthused and excited to be offering this line of kaleidoscopes! And we know that the future is bright AND colorful just like our kaleidoscopes!

Perfect Christmas Toys for Sale at Kaleidoscopes To You

Are you searching for the perfect Christmas toys? Toys that don’t require batteries and may spark an imagination? Try kaleidoscopes in the stockings!

At Kaleidoscopes To You, we have a wide range of toys available that are perfect and affordable enough to put one in every stocking.

Take a look at the Jazzy Kaleidoscope available in many different themes. The perfect solution for when they all must have different yet equal gifts!

Many styles of Small Jazzy Kaleidoscopes

Many styles of Small Jazzy Kaleidoscopes

Looking for something more glittery and fun? The liquid motion kaleidoscopes start at $5.00!

keychain liquid motion kaleidoscope

keychain liquid motion kaleidoscope

Here’s one of our favorite kaleidoscope kits!

toy kaleidoscope kit

toy kaleidoscope kit

Here is an inexpensive optical toy, the dragonfly eye. The least expensive piece that we offer so these can fit your party favor budget.

Dragonfly Eye Optical Toy

Dragonfly Eye Optical Toy

To experience a kaleidoscope, try our channel on YouTube!

Cosmic by the Parettis on YouTube

Would you like to experience the images of the kaleidoscope? We are doing our best at Kaleidoscopes To You to make that happen including our own channel on YouTube. We hope that you subscribe to us on YouTube! We are kscopes01 on YouTube and

Kaleidoscopes To You is an online gallery focused on kaleidoscopes.

Kaleidoscopes To You is an online gallery focused on kaleidoscopes.  We started in 1982 and have evolved from gallery locations in Red Wing and Mall of America, MN and Galena, IL and relocated to Manly, IA in 1998.

We sell kaleidoscopes from $2 to over $2000 per piece which means our customer base ranges from people buying a toy to people building a collection of handmade craft to gift givers wanting the unique kaleidoscope. Our mission is to match our customers’ expectations for price, quality and value with our kaleidoscope offerings.  This requires educating our customers that handcraft has a much higher level of fit, finish and quality than a manufactured import. Educated consumers understand that the handcrafted items are more pleasing and better value than lesser quality and price. We always assure our customers that we want them to be satisfied with their purchase from Kaleidoscopes To You. Our staff is empowered to treat all of our customers as they wish to be treated themselves.  Our return policy is to do whatever it takes to get it right; regardless of time, shipping costs or reasons.

We do not accept items on consignment because if we believe in their work, we pay the artist.  We are always excited to see new works on approval, but we either return it respectfully or buy it.

We feel strongly that origin and product labeling is important. We have verified CPSIA compliance for all the kaleidoscope toys that we sell.    We represent kaleidoscope artists from New Zealand, Japan, Argentina as well as many American artists. 

Kaleidoscopes To You 507 Hwy 65 Manly Iowa 50456 U.S.A. 1 641 454 2068

New Kaleidoscope arrivals from Images San Francisco

Lots of new views here at Kaleidoscopes To You this week!

New Kaleidoscope arrivals from Images San Francisco, the work of Kaleidoscope Artists Judith Paul and Tom Durden.
Father's Day gifts,  Gifts for him,

This wooden duck decoy is created into a rustic kaleidoscope perfect for Father’s Day!  or an excellent coffee table piece for the cabin at the lake.

World travelers will be inspired by this kaleidoscope also by kaleidoscope artists Judith Paul and Tom Durden.
Unique Gifts for Men, Kaleidoscope,

This elegant kaleidoscope is mounted on top of a globe made of inlaid stones.  Beautiful stonework inside and out on this elegant gift idea for a world traveler.  many New Kaleidoscopes available at Kaleidoscopes To You.

Kaleidoscopes To You 507 Hwy 65 Manly Iowa 50456 U.S.A. 1 641 454 2068


Here at Kaleidoscopes To You, we are all hunkered down and trying to stay warm this winter.

Here at Kaleidoscopes To You, we are all hunkered down and trying to stay warm this winter.  The really cold snap 2 weeks ago left us below 0 for over 48 hours.  Miss Potter doesn’t even hang out in the warehouse!

So as we are all hunkered down, we joke about crawling in with the kaleidoscopes that we have shipped to Cedar Key, FL.  Palm Desert Ca and points much warmer than ours.  Then we realize the beautiful hoar frost on the trees and then enjoy the winter themed scopes such as Judith Pauls new Snowflake

or the warmth and sparkle of the Paduak woods we import from India.

And of course, romantic ideas for Valentines are popping up in our minds….
The Trufflet by Joanne Jacobs is inspired by Chocolate…

Kaleidoscopes To You 507 Hwy 65 Manly Iowa 50456 U.S.A. 1 641 454 2068