Cozy Baker – Kaleidoscope Maven and Mentor

Cozy Baker

Cozy Baker

Cozy Baker, the original Maven of Kaleidoscopes and Mentor to many Galleries and Artists, has passed away after a short battle with ovarian cancer. This colorful and gracious lady began her journey with kaleidoscopes while searching for solace after her son’s death. Her journey has now come to its conclusion.

Through the years, she mentored many artists and became the hub of the ultimate kaleidoscope – the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society which is open to all kaleidoscope collectors, galleries and artists. Karl remembers back in the 80’s and early 90’s, he would call Cozy and chat at least twice per week as she was the main hub of information about new and emerging artists. These were the days of Karl’s gallery in Red Wing, MN called the Glass Scope. We have now evolved into Kaleidoscopes To You. Cozy’s kind and generous manner encouraged many artists to evolve and pursue their work. Her legacy in this medium of art is far reaching; crossing any border or any boundary for the sake of Happy Colors.

Her signature was always accompanied with the wish or blessing for “Happy Colors!” A toast to Cozy Baker – “Happy Colors Forever!”

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