Fill Your Loved Ones with Merriment and Wonder this Christmas With Kaleidoscope Gifts

Christmas is filled with cheer and happiness, and unwrapping that special present on Christmas morning is unparalleled! Receiving a beautiful handmade kaleidoscope is sure to keep up with the merriment of Christmas! Handmade kaleidoscopes are the perfect unique gift for any of your loved ones. Here are our top 5 best handmade kaleidoscopes to dazzle your loved ones this Christmas season!

1. N&J Padauk Double Wheel Kaleidoscope – Made from solid padauk and laminated woods. A best seller and customer favorite, the intricate woodworking makes this item a beautiful display piece.

2. White Marble Egg Kaleidoscope with Stand– A unique kaleidoscope with a design that will keep people guessing as to what it actually is.

3. “Winters Hearth” Limited Edition of 250 Pieces by Artists Luc and Sallie Durette– This kaleidoscope is absolute piece of art. One of a kind and extremely rare. The beautiful wooden body and hand carved details make this the perfect piece for display. This kaleidoscope is highly recommended – a perfect gift for any art collector or kaleidoscope fan.

4. 7 Inch Long Hand Crafted & Laminated Solid Wood Teleidoscope– This laminated teleidoscope is made of hand inlaid padauk and ebony woods. The beautiful interior image will marvel anybody. A very creative beautiful Christmas gift!

5. Stained Glass “Bling2” kaleidoscope by Bob and Elissa Rioux– Created from a purplish red iridescent stained glass. Depending on how you hold the kaleidoscope, the colors change before your eyes. This is truly a one of a kind item, and unlike any other gift you’ll receive this Christmas.

Give the ones you care for the most a gift that will open their eyes in a completely different way this holiday season. When you buy a handmade kaleidoscope from, you’re buying a unique piece of art and visually stimulating experience that will last forever.

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