How Much Do You Know About Kaleidoscopes?

Kaleidoscopes are a unique and beautiful creation. Some people love to collect many different styles and types while others may have only ever seen them as a kid. They have a unique history, are used to inspire many professionals and have been loved my many for centuries since their creation. We thought we would put together a fun quiz to not only test your knowledge, but to also see how big of a collector on connoisseur of kaleidoscopes you were. Here at we have been dedicated to them for years making, selling, and teaching others about them and we want to share this enjoyment with you.

1. Who invented the Kaleidoscope?
A.Benjamin Franklin
B.Sir David Brewster
D.Sir Humphry Davy

2. The word “kaleidoscope” is derived from words in what language?

3. Who patented the kaleidoscope, but didn’t event it?
A.Thomas Jefferson
B.Charles G. Bush
C.Sir David Brewster
D.Don Doaks

4.Who began the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society in 1986?
A.James Connell
B.Patricia Bath
C.Charles G. Bush
D.Cozy Baker

5. What are kaleidoscopes used for?
A.Stimulus for the eye
B.Inspiration to artists
D. All of the Above

The correct answers are: 1.B 2. A 3. B 4. D 5. D

How many did you get right? If you said all of them, you’re a Kaleidoscope king or queen, if you got 2 or 3 correct you’re on your way, and if you didn’t get any right, don’t worry, a little learning and research and you can be a Kaleidoscope king or queen in no time! We hope you enjoyed our kaleidoscope quiz and we hope you’ll visit us at to see the wonderful items we have to offer, including kaleidoscope jewelry, kids kaleidoscopes, beautiful Fenton Art glass pieces and much more!

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