Are you stumped in trying to find the perfect gift to
motivate or inspire?

We've got the solution!


Take a new perspective on the world by looking through a


The clear lens on the end of the mirror system creates a
kaleidoscope that takes its color and image from wherever you look.  For
large quantity orders, we can even add your logo to their view of the world! 
Take a look at the 7"
cherry wood teleidoscope
(BMW) or the

Cherry Pocket T

Need an inspiring gift?  Take a look at the

Wedding Kaleidoscope
by David Kalish.  This ingenious and copyrighted design
has 2 different kaleidoscopes within one tube which look at the same object cell
in the middle.  The perfect metaphor of 2 different perspectives of the
same object; both unique and different yet beautiful and complimentary. Find
your unique gift a kaleidoscope at


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