An elegant gold plated kaleidoscope makes an incredible and cherished Christmas Gift Idea.  The Chesnik ECD Dichroic Floret Kaleidoscope is the perfect balance of modern elegance and great design. http://www.kaleidoscopestoyou.com/chesnik.html 

Stained Glass Art, Business Gifts, Gold Floret Dichroic Kaleidoscopes (ECD-Gold ) by Kaleidoscope Artist Janice Chesnik of Chesnik Scopes

The dichroic glass within the wheels adds even more shimmer and color than traditional stained glass.  This kaleidoscope from Kaleidoscopes To You can be shipped the same day and never disappoints.  Larger and smaller versions are available by Chesnik Studios through Kaleidoscopes To You at www.kaleidoscopestoyou.com


Parlor Kaleidoscope, Stained Glass Art,  Gold Kaleidoscope With Walnut Wood Pedestal and Glass Dichroic Wheels  By Kaleidoscope Artist, Chesnik Scopes

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