Kaleidoscope artist, NJ Enterprises

Kaleidoscope artist, NJ Enterprises represent the designs of Nancy and Jean’s fabulous teleidoscopes

N J Kaleidoscope

which are created out of teak, ebony and paduak woods from India.  This wooden kaleidoscope design has only a clear marble at the end so it creates a kaleidoscopic view of whatever you see.  This design in a kaleidoscope makes for a memorable promotional gift as it reinforces a “new perspective” or a “whole new vision”.

Whichever design you choose, each one has an exquisite layer of lacquer to showcase the beauty of the exotic woods.  Each teleidoscope comes with a complimentary wood base and is enclosed within its navy gift box for secure shipping and beautiful presentation.

A teleidoscope crafted by kaleidoscope artist, NJ Enterprises, makes a fantastic and memorable gift."

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