Kaleidoscope of Color: Volume 3

A few weeks ago, we released Kaleidoscope of Color: Volume 2, which included songs about the color orange or songs that featured the color orange in the title. This week, we’re releasing the latest installment of our kaleidoscope musical collection, Kaleidoscope of Color: Volume 3! This colorful playlist is chalk full of songs about the color yellow and its many shades. So grab your favorite kaleidoscope, and enjoy the colorful world around you as you listen to this sunny playlist!

1. “Black Gold” Soul Asylum
2. “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” Elton John
3. “Yellow” Coldplay
4. “Lemon Crush” – Prince
5. “Amber Waves” Tori Amos
6. “Honey Hi” Fleetwood Mac
7. “Mean Mr. Mustard” The Beatles
8. “The Lemon Song” Led Zeppelin
9. “Mean Mustard Blues” The Doors
10. “Yellow Roses” Dolly Parton
11. “Yellow Submarine” The Beatles
12. “Girl with Golden Hair” Sixx AM
13. “Golden Country” REO Speedwagon
14. “Life is a Lemon & I Want my Lemon Back” – Meatloaf
15. “Yellow Ledbetter” Pearl Jam
16. “Amber Awaits” Blues Traveler
17. “Sweet Amber” Metallica
18. “Lemon” U2
19. “Honey Bee” Tom Petty
20. “Moon was Yellow” Frank Sinatra

What are some of your favorite songs about the color yellow? Let us know by leaving a comment below. Stay tuned next week, for Kaleidoscope of Color: Volume 4, which will include songs about the color green!

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