Kaleidoscope Quiz: Which Kaleidoscope Should You Buy?

So you want to buy a kaleidoscope, but this is your first time and you’re not sure which kaleidoscope is right for you. No worries! Take our kaleidoscope quiz to find of which kaleidoscope is perfect for you.

Kaleidoscope Quiz

1. Fill in the blank. “In my spare time I enjoy ___________.”

A. Listening to the latest album by my favorite band/musician.

B. Reading a book by my favorite author.

C. Painting or drawing my latest masterpiece.


2. What’s your favorite color?

A. I prefer shades of yellow, orange and red.

B. I prefer neutral colors, such as brown, white, black, and gray.

C. I prefer bright colors, such as shades of purple, red, blue, and green.


3. Choose the adjectives that describe you best.

A. Clever, tame, loud, and shy

B. Old-fashioned, brainy, curious and calm

C. Talented, adventurous, bright and colorful


Mostly A’s: You love music and you embrace this love in all you do. A musical kaleidoscope is the perfect fit for your personality. These sensational pieces of artwork will keep you cool and collect, and you’ll enjoy the delightful music each kaleidoscope produces.

Mostly B’s: You have a taste for the old-fashioned and feel like you should have been born in a different time. A wooden kaleidoscope will go well with your calm personality. Display one of these beautiful pieces of artwork on a table by your favorite reading chair, and enjoy it whenever you’re reading a book.

Mostly C’s: Your life is a work of art and so it everything in it, which is why a stained glass kaleidoscope is the ideal kaleidoscope for you. These colorful works of art will entertain your imagination for hours!

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