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For really creative and memorable corporate holiday gifts, consider a kaleidoscope.  Nothing reminds your client of your creativity and class like a beautiful Unique Christmas Gitfs such as a kaleidoscope engraved with your logo that rests upon their desk.  for example the 11" Ebony Eye Wheel Kaleidoscope.
  Unique Christmas Gifts for Wife, Christmas Gifts for Moms, N & J 11 Inch Long Double Wheel Kaleidoscope in Solid Teak ,Padauk Ebony -  Laminated Woods

This Kaleidoscope makes an excellent and impressive Christmas Gift Idea!  Especially if your corporate logo is subtly laser engraved into the base, it can make a very lasting and creative impression upon your best clients.

Unique Christmas Gifts are plentiful at Kaleidoscopes To You!  Browse through our selections of over 700 kaleidoscopes and you can definitely find the perfect Christmas Gift Idea at Kaleidoscopes To You!

Really stumped on that hard to buy for person? Take a look at this lovely kaleidoscope for a Christmas Gift Idea.  http://www.kaleidoscopestoyou.com/55inlolasowo1.html Holiday Gifts, Christmas Gifts, 5.5 Inch long Laminated Solid Woods with Paduk and other   HardwoodsTeleidoscope by N & J

This piece is beautifully crafted from padauk, jalneem and ebony hardwoods and lacquered beautifully.  The Teleidoscope actually has a clear lens and it creates a kaleidoscopic view of whatever you see in your world.  Kaleidoscope a great metaphor for a new perspective or taking a new look at things.

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