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Kaleidoscope Shop, Kaleidoscopes To You for Wooden Kaleidoscopes, Brass Kaleidoscopes, Stained Glass Kaleidoscopes. By These Amazing Kaleidoscope Artists We Represent Here at KaleidoscopesToYou.com. 

Our kaleidoscope shop represents a great group of amazing kaleidoscope artists here at Kaleidoscopes to You and this weekend we are looking forward to a great event on the west coast.  

Kaleidoscope Artists, Judith Paul and Tom Durden are the consummate party planners and hosts as well as being FANTASTIC KALEIDOSCOPE ARTISTS!  Just take a look at this design of a metal and glass kaleidoscope!
Kaleidoscope, Venetian Bouquet Kaleidoscope By Kaleidoscope Artists Judith Paul and Tom Durden of Images

This weekend they have planned a fantastic event that we are so excited to partake! Kaleidoscope Artists, will have many kaleidoscopes for sale,  and you can kaleidoscope shop for kaleidoscope jewelry.

March 14-15, 2009 Kaleidocon West – A BKS Regional Meeting. Join us as we celebrate our love of kaleidoscopes in the northern California village of Emerald Hills, just 25 miles south of San Francisco. Judith Paul and Tom Durden of Images Kaleidoscopes invite you to a gathering of artists, collectors, and gallery owners. Come to talk, share, admire, trade, ogle, buy and sell. http://www.brewstersociety.com/events.html

Kaleidoscope Artists planning or hoping to attend are Corki Weeks


David Kalish – Kaleidoscope Artist who makes meaningful brass kaleidoscopes.
 Wedding Gifts,Unique Wedding Gifts Brass and Walnut Wedding Kaleidoscope By Kaleidoscope Artists David Kalish

 Kaleidoscope Artist Laura Wilde – Mixed Media Kaleidoscopes.
Mothers Day, Mothers Day Gifts, Modern art kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope Jewelry Artists Deborah and Kevin Healy
Sterling Silver Jewelry, Special Mothers Day Gifts, Saturn Necklace Kaleidoscope, with a Collet Set BlueTopaz By Kaleidoscope Artists, the Healys

We are also excited to share a piece from a new kaleidoscope artist, Kari Makoutz
Kaleidoscope, Unique Handmade Gifts,  A Blessing of Hope ivy Series by Kari Makoutz

Keep checking back to see what we continue to post on our blog about Kaleidoscopes To You!  Look for pictures next week to of Kaleidoscope Artists hanging out with Karl and Jean Schilling of Kaleidoscopes To You!

Not to worry about anything back at work either!
Darlene, Carrie and Potter will be capably holding down the fort at Kaleidoscopes To You!
Darlene Carrie

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