Kaleidoscopes To You is an online gallery focused on kaleidoscopes.

Kaleidoscopes To You is an online gallery focused on kaleidoscopes.  We started in 1982 and have evolved from gallery locations in Red Wing and Mall of America, MN and Galena, IL and relocated to Manly, IA in 1998.

We sell kaleidoscopes from $2 to over $2000 per piece which means our customer base ranges from people buying a toy to people building a collection of handmade craft to gift givers wanting the unique kaleidoscope. Our mission is to match our customers’ expectations for price, quality and value with our kaleidoscope offerings.  This requires educating our customers that handcraft has a much higher level of fit, finish and quality than a manufactured import. Educated consumers understand that the handcrafted items are more pleasing and better value than lesser quality and price. We always assure our customers that we want them to be satisfied with their purchase from Kaleidoscopes To You. Our staff is empowered to treat all of our customers as they wish to be treated themselves.  Our return policy is to do whatever it takes to get it right; regardless of time, shipping costs or reasons.

We do not accept items on consignment because if we believe in their work, we pay the artist.  We are always excited to see new works on approval, but we either return it respectfully or buy it.

We feel strongly that origin and product labeling is important. We have verified CPSIA compliance for all the kaleidoscope toys that we sell.    We represent kaleidoscope artists from New Zealand, Japan, Argentina as well as many American artists. 

Kaleidoscopes To You 507 Hwy 65 Manly Iowa 50456 U.S.A. www.kaleidoscopestoyou.com 1 641 454 2068

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