Surprise Children This Christmas With Kaleidoscope Stocking Stuffers

If you’re tired of giving flavor-of-the-month gifts that cost a lot but aren’t made to last, consider something different this Christmas. Kaleidoscope stocking stuffers will make your little ones’ eyes sparkle in wonder at the colors and patterns displayed by these beautiful handmade creations.

kaleidoscope stocking stuffers

From lovely vintage styles to sleek contemporary options, kaleidoscopes of all kinds delight children and adults alike. They even make beautiful additions to any decor when they’re not in use. That’s why families pass down these stunning examples of craftsmanship and creativity from generation to generation.

Their colorful patterns and beautiful designs are the keys to their enduring appeal, but you don’t have to appreciate the artistry that went into making them to enjoy owning kaleidoscopes. We all want something that can capture the imagination and take us out of our thoughts for a little while, and kids are no exception.

This year, resist the temptation to fill your children’s stockings with trinkets and gadgets that will soon be forgotten. Kaleidoscope Stocking stuffers don’t just make fun, unique Christmas gifts. They help instill in your kids a love for well-built, carefully engineered items. This appreciation for handcrafted toys is sure to develop into a lifelong love for objects that inspire, entertain and last a lifetime.

What’s New at Kaleidoscopes To You This December?

December brings a wealth of new kaleidoscopes that are perfect as holiday gifts or for your own enjoyment!

new kaleidoscopes

Vintage Kaleidoscopes

Vintage “Original Illusion” pieces by Wildwood use interchangeable space tubes to create ever-changing images. Apres LaPluie of France brings us the metal teleidoscope with many wonderful reflections. Or, discover the exceptional Cone #15 by Charles Karadimos, a swirl of lavender-and-white stained glass in a graduated cone shape with its own base.

Kaleidoscope Jewelry

Debra and Kevin Healy offer sterling silver necklaces with wearable images. The Feeling Groovy kaleidoscope necklace has plumeria blooms on the outside and colorful beach glass inside a handmade, 1 3/16-inch length. The Love Bird kaleidoscope necklace features a carefully carved Love Bird in a tropical setting and also uses frosted beach glass inside its nearly 2-inch length. Both have 24-inch sterling silver chains.

Unique Kaleidoscopes

For a unique gift, check out Gourd Gifts by Rhonda James. Using a real gourd, the exterior is hand painted, has a brass eyepiece and sits on a cherry-wood base. We also have Excellerations, a wooden, refillable piece that acts as a science project to show the inner workings of a kaleidoscope.

Stained Glass or Wood?

Kathleen Hunt and Joanne Jacobs create lovely works of stained-glass art, and Peggy and Steve Kittelson continue their beautiful stained-glass series as well. Meanwhile, Luc and Sallie Durette offer gorgeous wooden designs with stunning images.

You can find all of December’s new kaleidoscopes at Leave us a comment, and let us know which one new kaleidoscope is your favorite!

The Perfect Present for Every Kaleidoscope Collector

When the holidays arrive, it’s time to think about kaleidoscope Christmas gifts for your favorite collector. Besides the traditional display, there are many other options that will bring joy to gift giving.

A creative twist on a traditional kaleidoscope is a teleidoscope. This instrument has a lens and an open view, so it forms a pattern from objects outside instead of items inside. Choose a hand-crafted, solid wood design as an elegant gift idea. The beauty and intrigue of a teleidoscope will bring about many compliments and provide hours of entertainment!


Any woman who collects kaleidoscopes will love a necklace with a teleidoscope kaleidoscope pendant! Besides adding a touch of elegance to the wardrobe, this jewelry will blend with more expensive pieces and become a family heirloom.

kaleidoscope necklace

An inexpensive and impressive gift is a pocket kaleidoscope. A person can take this piece anywhere. Instead of a bulky item that must remain at home, this product can be brought to parties or social events and used as an ice-breaker.

Unique kaleidoscope Christmas gifts make the holiday extra special, especially to an avid collector. The above items are just a sample of the available possibilities. You can see all of our kaleidoscope Christmas gifts at!

Kaleidoscope Artists Highlight: Carol and Mark Reynolds

It takes special artistry to design a kaleidoscope. The word itself is a combination of the Greek words kalos, eidos and scopos, literally translated to mean beautiful form watcher.

The Science behind the Kaleidoscope

A basic kaleidoscope is made of two or three mirrors or reflective surfaces, forming a V. The assembly is encased in a tube, and various small objects are positioned at one end while a peek hole is centered at the opposite end. Precisely positioned mirrors will create more precise symmetrical reflections with the images changing each time one looks through the eye-hole.

wooden kaleidoscope

The Artistry Behind Kaleidoscopes

The images created in a kaleidoscope are only one part of the artistry. The cases can be carved from special wood and customized with embellishments.

Kaleidoscope artists Mark and Carol Reynolds have kept the tradition alive by creating the finest quality kaleidoscopes that are true collector’s items if not works of art.

For instance, the Wooden Kaleidoscope, Handheld in Walnut Wood #1 is carved from maple burl with a colorful inlaid design. The interior chamber is black to create a brilliant kaleidoscope.

The Zebra Wood Handheld #1 is 12 inches long. Using carefully chosen bobbles and glass pieces contained in an oil-filled cell, the resulting imagery is brilliant, and it changes with every movement of the kaleidoscope.

Artists Mark and Carol Reynolds have taken kaleidoscope design to a new level with premium quality cases housing some of the most dazzling images.

Kaleidoscope Christmas Gifts For Everyone on Your List

With the holidays approaching, it’s time to consider gift giving. It’s always difficult to choose Christmas gifts for the people who have everything. Some of the most creative ideas include kaleidoscopes. At we have gifts for people of all ages!

Kaleidoscope Christmas Gifts

  • Kaleidoscope Kits – Every child on your holiday shopping list will enjoy a kaleidoscope kit! It’s a wonderful project for the family to assemble a one-of-a-kind piece of art filled with fun gems, marbles, rocks, and dried flowers. Everything is included in one package, and once put assembled it will introduce a child to the way a kaleidoscope works. It provides hours of entertainment and awe as well!
  • Kaleidoscope Necklaces – Women love jewelry; especially when it’s unique and contains precious gemstones! On the outside, the piece appears like an ornate bauble. However, upon closer examination, a rainbow of rich colors emerges like magic. It’s a hidden secret to keep or share with friends. The handmade craftsmanship is top notch, so the necklace will become an heirloom that gets passed down through generations.
  • Stained Glass Marbles – Anyone with a desk or coffee table will appreciate a stained glass marble! Choosing a creation from Sheryl Koch will provide a beautiful conversation piece. Her “Jubilee” is crafted from walnut wood and includes three interchangeable wheels. Any kaleidoscope enthusiast will be overjoyed to add this to his or her collection.

For more unique holiday gifts, visit today!

Kaleidoscope Artist Highlight: Marc Tickle

Kaleidoscope artist Marc Tickle takes an innovative approach to his work. He creates some of the most sought after collectibles. All of his pieces are handcrafted with a unique technique that involves reverse painting, so rich colors can be viewed inside. His mirror systems are extremely creative and are welcomed by any collector.

Kaleidoscopes by Marc Tickle

Peek-A-Boo Box Blue 2

Providing magic for the eyes, the Peek-A-Boo kaleidoscope includes a 5-Point star mandala. The square design is a welcome departure of the traditional round style. Inside, a glass dragonfly sculpture adds beauty and interest. For maximum viewing pleasure, the eyepiece is slightly larger than a normal kaleidoscope.

Conservatory Kaleidoscope

This extraordinary work of art contains a glass barrel with a full pane of surface mirror. Half of a glass dragonfly is mounted on the front of the mirror, which creates an illusion that it is flying. The pedestal is created with reverse painted glass in a beautiful emerald green color. Each piece contains Marc’s etched signature. Since only a limited number of the Conservatory kaleidoscopes are produced, they’re sure to turn into items of great value.

Blue Glass Teleidoscope

A teleidoscope is a different twist on a classic kaleidoscope. Instead of viewing patterns of objects inside the instrument, a person views patterns from items outside the instrument. This blue glass teleidoscope is extremely elegant. The blue shiny body is accented by the silver eyepiece, and a small walnut base is included for display.

You can see all of the stunning kaleidoscopes by Marc Tickle we have to offer at

Kaleidoscopes – Unwrapping Colorful Gift Ideas

Christmas Toys - Kaleidoscopes

What is an ideal Christmas gifts for the art lover in your life? The answer is kaleidoscopes! Kaleidoscopes are not common holiday presents anymore, so the gift of one is astonishingly ideal. Your little ones and your peers will appreciate your inspiring thoughtfulness.

Through the gift of a kaleidoscope, you demonstrate your understanding of what’s important—the individual. Furthermore, you won’t merely be offering a generic present that you could have given to anyone. Indeed, kaleidoscopes are among the few items that toddlers, senior citizens, and everyone in between can equally appreciate. To put it simply, they allow people to see the world in an entirely new and beautiful way.

Your pleasantly surprised giftee’s excitement will shine immediately upon unwrapping. After all, they will be able to peer through that instrument right away. In contrast, one would have to wait to enjoy a golf club, a pair of skis, and most other gifts. This makes kaleidoscopes ideal! Plus, if you select one of the great new, beautiful kaleidoscopes that we have to choose from, your friend, colleague, or loved one is sure to be pleased.

While many Christmas gifts are returned soon after the holiday, the kaleidoscope you give will be added to a cherished collection, set on display for years to come. Perhaps it will be handed down to future generations. Now that is a wonderful thought!

Kaleidoscopes – Geometric Art and Inspiration

Colorful kaleidoscope

For centuries, kaleidoscopes have fascinated children and adults alike. Anyone can play with this mesmerizing toy for hours, marveling at the elaborate beauty it creates. This Christmas, parents and grandparents can share the nostalgia of this magical gift with their loved ones.

As children gaze intently into the tubes, captivated by the endless array of vibrant colors and intricate patterns, they are unaware that they are actually learning something about the principles of science and math along the way. With their ability to spark creativity and encourage inquisitiveness, kaleidoscopes are excellent gifts for kids for many reasons. They are portable, mysterious, and breathtakingly beautiful, providing a continuous source of stimulating entertainment.

KaleidoscopesToYou offers more than 100 types of kaleidoscope toys, ranging from vintage to contemporary models. Our classic tin and high-gloss cardboard versions are perfect for younger children, especially those who love popular characters from “Star Wars”, Thomas the Train, and “Curious George”. Our solid wood line, kaleidoscope key chains and elegant jewelry are better suited for older children, who will appreciate the heirloom quality of these unique gifts.

Kids of all ages, from preschoolers to high school students, will also enjoy spending the blustery days of their winter break inside the house using their imaginations to build their own optical toys from our extensive line of kaleidoscope kits.

Kaleidoscope of Love

kaleidoscopes for kids

Artist Sue Ross was a child when she crafted her first kaleidoscope, fashioned from a cardboard tube and a few random items. Later, the California-based artist used her knowledge of fine glass etching and stained glass window design to turn her hobby and fascination with kaleidoscopes into a career.

Her adult creations are inspired, detailed and unique, and they are coveted by collectors across the globe. Her keen eye for detail and whimsical designs inspired by childhood and fairy tales, Sue Ross kaleidoscopes are imaginative conversation pieces that may become treasured heirlooms.

Kaleidoscopes themselves have a rich history that goes back almost 200 years. They have come a long way from their early, simple designs that were originally intended to be a tool for scientists studying the polarization of light. They gained popularity instead as children’s toys, and many kaleidoscopes today mingle form and function, becoming works of art.

Many of Ross’ creations are discontinued and have become collector’s items, like the Frog Prince and the Petite Jewel Mini Parlor. Her delicate designs don’t overlook the kaleidoscope case, which may be made of ceramic, rosewood or glass and then embellished with ribbons, reverse painted glass, beads, and metal accents. Collectible Sue Ross kaleidoscopes are signed by the artist.

Falling for New Kaleidoscopes

Wooden kaleidoscopes

To welcome fall, we have several amazing new kaleidoscopes available. Our kaleidoscopes let you leave the world behind as you peer into a tube featuring shifting shapes, colors and designs. They also look amazing, made with a decorator’s eye to enhance the décor in any room of your home.

  • The Blue Twist is designed by Ken and Dore Wilhoite, and it is one of our unique four point star kaleidoscopes. The viewing cell features a two-mirror setup that displays diamond shaped or square images. Vividly colored glass fragments float in oil to provide a striking visual image every time you shift the cylinder.
  • Our White Iridescent Butterfly kaleidoscope blends in with the décor of a contemporary room. The beautiful kaleidoscope’s exterior is made from stained glass, and it has glass wheels filled with butterfly wings.
  • The Oil Chamber Spinner kaleidoscopes in aqua or dark blue are two of our new models. They feature lampworked glass floating in oil. Lampworked glass is melted with a torch or a lamp, and it provides a unique visual experience.
  • Ken and Dore Wilhoite also designed our Sugar Plum kaleidoscope. The creative team made the viewing piece’s exterior from plum colored ceramic. Upon looking inside, you’ll notice that it displays a circular image. It does this because it comes with a two-mirror system in the cell.


When you gaze inside a kaleidoscope, you find everyday stress slide away as you focus on the device’s color and pattern changes. Just try it for yourself to see exactly what we mean.