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Into the Looking Glass – A Kaleidoscope Artist Spotlight: Bob & Grace Ade

This month, we shine our KaleidoscopesToYou.com Kaleidoscope Artist Spotlight on Bob and Grace Ade, whose modern kaleidoscope art creations are among the favorites at our store. Their stained glass and modern art kaleidoscopes are masterworks of visual art.

For the Ade’s, it all began with candle making in New Jersey, but the discovery of a stained glass kaleidoscope in a gift shop drew the pair to scope-making. An interest in art and glass prompted Grace and Bob to learn glass fusing and glass blowing techniques, which they could use for their kaleidoscope designs. Bob’s degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University has helped him design and build his visual spectacles.

Years have passed since their kaleidoscope discovery, and Grace and Bob now call Seattle, Washington home. Kaleidoscope creation has overtaken much of their house on Puget Sound. They’ve raised six children, five of whom help them when kaleidoscope orders are too numerous for the couple to handle. The Ade’s have designed 40 different kaleidoscope models, with a focus on generating beautiful, interesting images within their scopes.

While Bob and Grace enjoy traveling throughout the United States, visiting and trading with other kaleidoscope artists, their future plans include the creation of more kaleidoscopes.
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