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Introducing December’s New Kaleidoscopes

This holiday season, get your kaleidoscope hobbyists the perfect gift: his or her choice of unique kaleidoscopes from the collection at KaleidoscopesToYou.com. With perhaps the largest selection of kaleidoscopes of any online retailer, Kaleidoscopes To You offers a selection with prices that can make any gift giver happy. Here are some of our newest kaleidoscopes!

The Doug Johnson piece we have on sale is a beautiful copper vintage kaleidoscope that comes with its own stand and boasts a gorgeous handmade eye that is truly one of a kind.

The Arny Weinstein “Juhachi” piece is a wooden kaleidoscope for people who may be looking for a table centerpiece as well as a fully functioning visual experience.

The Mark Tickle Peek a Boo box is perfect for the kaleidoscope collector who has everything: The stained glass kaleidoscope includes a five point star mandala and a sculpted dragonfly.

These are only a few examples of the incredible selection of kaleidoscopes that we have in inventory from the world’s top artists. We have these as well as many other kaleidoscopes available at some of the best prices on the market. Be sure to come by the website before all of these one of a kind pieces have been picked up this holiday season!

Introducing June’s Popular New Kaleidoscopes

The enchantment and wonder of childhood takes on new hues from the right perspective. Nearly everyone remembers the experience of looking through a kaleidoscope as a child, and that same view is now available with new kaleidoscopes for June 2013. There’s a perfect selection for every child and adult in your life with these high-quality kaleidoscopes that are built to last and be visually appealing.

Antique Feel with Wooden Kaleidoscopes – The original construction of these toys used an oil chamber, and you’ll find that same old-time design with the kaleidoscopes in this category. These handmade gems from Arny Weinstein, Glen Straub, Steve and Peggy Kittelson and other artists are built to last and add a touch of nostalgia to your home decor. Beyond the traditional hand-held designs, you’ll also find wooden kaleidoscopes with carved stands, brass trim and display stands.

Modern Attractions – Some artists have introduced radically different designs that are sure to add pleasure to a contemporary home and office decor. Cat lovers will enjoy the Kattitude stained glass kaleidoscope. Vintage ceramic pieces and modern takes on older reproductions are also available. Gloria Weeks offers new kaleidoscopes as jewelry with gold and silver elephants that is sure to draw attention and spark conversations amongst your friends!

You can find these and many more kaleidoscopes when you shop online at KaleidoscopesToYou.com.