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A Kaleidoscope Artist Spotlight: Jan and Michael Collier

Jan and Michael Collier are a second generation husband and wife team of kaleidoscope artists. They are a part of the family business Collier Studios which began in 1985. They use their artistic talents to create amazing kaleidoscopes that are featured in a variety of series.

Spirit Series Kaleidoscopes
The kaleidoscopes within the spirit series are made of a durable acrylic. It uses a two-mirror system that displays a breathtaking image inside. The kaleidoscopes are designed to allow light to come in through the sides which adds to the beauty of the image inside. The eyepiece includes a dust cover that slides on to keep it clean. This series is both durable and affordable.

Seashell Sprit Series Kaleidoscopes
This series is made using a durable acrylic and is designed with seashell and starfish artwork on the exterior. It has a two-mirror system that allows you to see the tiny seashells and colorful pieces inside. The eyepiece includes a dust cover to keep it clean.

Chrome Series Kaleidoscopes
This series uses three different mirror systems within it. A Vortex Tunnel mirror System, two-mirror system, and three-mirror system are all used. It is made with acrylic and chrome with bright colorful clay pieces on the inside giving the viewer beautiful images to look at.

Cherry Blossom Kaleidoscopes
The Cherry Blossom kaleidoscopes are made using an acrylic material for the exterior. The interior displays beautiful colors that create designs related to cherry blossoms on the inside.

Peacekeeper Wooden Kaleidoscopes
This series is made using solid woods which provide a beautiful exterior. The interior gives you a view of a five point star of bright colors, through a two-mirror system.

Which is your favorite kaleidoscope by Jan and Michael Collier?

Henry Bergeson Kaleidoscopes are Unique Works of Art

For a truly unique gift for yourself or someone special in your life, consider the meticulously detailed wood kaleidoscopes crafted by artist Henry Bergeson. These kaleidoscopes are not only works of art in the interior, but also on the exterior as they are made from bubinga, maple, cherry and other types of fine wood. KaleidoscopetoYou.com has a fine selection of Henry Bergeson kaleidoscopes, appropriate for collectors in two- and three-mirror systems, available in a range of prices. These wonderful wood kaleidoscopes may be proudly displayed on a desk, mantel, foyer table, or anywhere you want to present fine collectibles.

Kaleidoscope artist Henry Bergeson grew up in New England, developing a fine love for sailing along with a love for all things mechanical. Taking these interests in mind when earning a degree in mechanical engineering, Bergeson began designing kaleidoscopes in the 1980s with an eye toward national beauty, combined with the precision of mechanical engineering. The results are evident in Henry Bergeson kaleidoscopes such as the popular King’s Ransom and Bubinga Moontide kaleidoscopes, which combine precision optics and fine wooden craftsmanship. Whether choosing a standing or portable model, these unique works of art will provide you with hours of viewing pleasure. You can learn more about Henry Bergeson and his kaleidoscope artistry at KaleidoscopesToYou.com.

Into the Looking Glass – A Kaleidoscope Artist Spotlight: Carolyn Bennett

At KaleidoscopesToYou.com, you’ll find a wide variety of kaleidoscopes by many different kaleidoscope artists. Every once in a while we like to highlight one of our popular kaleidoscope artists, so you know a bit more about the person behind the wonderful works of art that are available at Kaleidoscopes To You.

” Carolyn made her first kaleidoscope when she was just 9 years old.
” Attended New York University, receiving a BA in Fine Arts.
” Received a MA in Art History and Art Education from the State University of New York.
” She began making kaleidoscopes as a hobby in 1973, while she was teaching high school art classes.
” Carolyn began a career as a full time kaleidoscope artist in 1978.
” Served as one of the Directors of the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society from 2003-2009.
” Patented the Pop-Up Kaleidoscope in 2003, which is a tiny kaleidoscope that folds into a CD case.
” The Pop-Up Kaleidoscope won the Brewster Society’s People’s Choice Award in 2002.
” Patented the Scopelens, which is a kaleidoscope attachment for a 35 mm camera.

At KaleidoscopesToYou.com, we have an assortment of kaleidoscopes by Carolyn Bennett, including options from her suspension kaleidoscope collection. These mesmerizing kaleidoscopes combine beads, stones, shells, glass and other objects in a liquid filled chamber to create a unique work of kaleidoscope art. You can learn more about Kaleidoscope Artist Carolyn Bennett at KaleidoscopesToYou.com.

Kaleidoscope Artist Highlight: Kathleen Hunt

For over 10 years, glass artist Kathleen Hunt has been using classic stained and fused glass techniques to create beautiful handcrafted kaleidoscopes. Each of Hunt’s kaleidoscopes is a magnificent work of art with unique embellishments. You’ll surely enjoy the beauty that is offered by one of Hunt’s stunning kaleidoscope works of art!

Revel in the magic of Hunt’s Fused Wheel Kaleidoscopes. These colorful scopes are approximately 8″ long, and feature multi-colored fused glass wheels that have a colorful display of glass pieces. The Fused Wheel Kaleidoscopes are available in blue, white and red.

Take off to an adventurous land with Hunt’s Aerospace Kaleidoscopes! Available in blue and red, these amazing kaleidoscopes are shaped like airplanes and measure 9.5″ long and 4 3/8″ tall. Each Aerospace Kaleidoscope features two colorful hand fused glass wheels. Whether you’re decorating a child’s room or displaying it on your desk, an Aerospace Kaleidoscope is a charming addition to a room’s décor!

With a barrel made from red iridescent stained glass and an end that’s decorated with bits and pieces of iridescent stained glass chips and beads, the Modern Glass Art Kaleidoscope is a marvelous addition to any kaleidoscope collection! Sitting atop a crystal pedestal, this kaleidoscope art will create the perfect discussion piece for your office desk or the end table in your living room.

You can learn more about kaleidoscope and glass artist Kathleen Hunt and her magnificent works of kaleidoscope art at KaleidoscopesToYou.com.