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Caring for your Kaleidoscope

We hope you had a great holiday! If you received kaleidoscope gifts from friends and family you may be wondering how to take care of your awesome new gift. Here are a few great tips for keeping your kaleidoscope clean and in pristine condition, so that it will last you many great magnificent years!

“Eliminate dust and dirt on your kaleidoscope by displaying your scope in a clear display case.
“Keep your kaleidoscope out of direct light. Sunlight is terrible for some scopes as it fades the colors of woods, dried flowers and beads in wheels and fabrics.
“Clean glass eyepieces with any household glass cleaner to keep you view clear and dust and dirt away from your eyes. Spray a little on a Q-tip and gently wipe. Never spray directly on the scope as you could then see moisture damage occur.
“For wooden kaleidoscope gifts use a furniture polish for unfinished wood or a multi surface cleaner for lacquered wood.
“Glass or mirrored exteriors can be cleaned with most household glass cleaners. Check labels to make sure it is safe for all parts of the scope that you may apply it to.
“Keep kaleidoscopes out of humidity. This can cause damage to the scopes and make wood swell or dry out and begin to crack.

These are just some easy ways to keep your kaleidoscope gifts you received this holiday in great, long lasting condition! We hope you love your new scope and have many great times with it. To check out our kaleidoscope gifts check out KaleidoscopesToYou.com!