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The Perfect Present for Every Kaleidoscope Collector

When the holidays arrive, it’s time to think about kaleidoscope Christmas gifts for your favorite collector. Besides the traditional display, there are many other options that will bring joy to gift giving.

A creative twist on a traditional kaleidoscope is a teleidoscope. This instrument has a lens and an open view, so it forms a pattern from objects outside instead of items inside. Choose a hand-crafted, solid wood design as an elegant gift idea. The beauty and intrigue of a teleidoscope will bring about many compliments and provide hours of entertainment!


Any woman who collects kaleidoscopes will love a necklace with a teleidoscope kaleidoscope pendant! Besides adding a touch of elegance to the wardrobe, this jewelry will blend with more expensive pieces and become a family heirloom.

kaleidoscope necklace

An inexpensive and impressive gift is a pocket kaleidoscope. A person can take this piece anywhere. Instead of a bulky item that must remain at home, this product can be brought to parties or social events and used as an ice-breaker.

Unique kaleidoscope Christmas gifts make the holiday extra special, especially to an avid collector. The above items are just a sample of the available possibilities. You can see all of our kaleidoscope Christmas gifts at KaleidoscopesToYou.com!

Kaleidoscopes Make Fantastic Christmas Gifts

Whether you are shopping for a child or looking for something special for the kaleidoscope collector in your life, Kaleidoscopes To You has a wide variety of handmade Christmas presents for adults and fun kaleidoscope toys for children.

Popular Adult Selections:
” N & J Padauk Double Wheel Kaleidoscope ” This wooden kaleidoscope is handmade from fabulous solid Padauk and laminated woods. It features two wheels, which create amazing displays. This stunning kaleidoscope feels more expensive than the affordable price tag!
” Green Marble Egg Kaleidoscope with Stand ” A 3.5″ creation, this small marble egg-shaped kaleidoscope features a two-mirror system that creates a stunning 6-point star image. Due to the fact that it is made of marble, no two egg kaleidoscopes are alike!
” Large Red Fluid Fantasy Kaleidoscope ” The fluid fantasy kaleidoscope features a liquid motion wand, which contains colored fluid. When held properly, gravity creates a variety of beautiful shapes for you to enjoy.

Magnificent Options for Your Child:
” Classic Tin Toy Kaleidoscopes by Schylling ” Children and kids at heart are sure to enjoy this definitive kaleidoscope. It features a timeless tin exterior and spectacular optics with bright colors.
” Big Jazzy Toy Kaleidoscope ” Stock your child’s stocking with a music-themed kaleidoscope. This kaleidoscope is filled with a huge selection of brightly-colored beads, and features a high-grade cardboard exterior, decorated with colorful music notes.
Teleidoscopes Crystal Turners ” Any image can be turned into a pattern with these fabulous crystal turners. Also known as Teleidoscope, these selections come in a variety of colors.

Which kaleidoscopes are you hoping to find under the tree? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Holiday Elves are Humming along with a kaleidoscope…

Oh, we’re in the holiday spirit here at Kaleidoscopes To You!

We decorated with trees last week and strung some holiday lights! I even changed my Facebook Job title to Chief Holiday Elf! Planning a relaxing dinner with staff and their spouses this Saturday. We have had a unique year with the remodel and starting new work patterns and habits. This YouTube link
Warehouse Remodel on YouTube
shows the warehouse complete, but the offices hadn’t been finished out. Looking forward to a chance to relax and fellowship with everyone to celebrate the end of the remodel and the beginning of the BIG season!

This past weekend with orders was humming along and we have huge amounts of inventory arriving this week from N & J Enterprises, Collier Studios and hopefully Deborah and Kevin Healy, Joanne Jacobs and maybe even Corki Weeks.

Here’s a kaleidoscope we just received from Corki last week!
Corki Weeks Bead Parlor Kaleidoscope Video on YouTube

The scope shown below is the Cathedral Windows Trio scope by Collier – an incredible kaleidoscope value for gift giving this season! And a brand new design this year, so if you need a gift for a collector, you haven’t given this one yet!

Cathedral Windows Kaleidoscope by Collier

Cathedral Windows Kaleidoscope by Collier

I just made a phone call to double check our box order is ready for pickup. We have kaleidoscopes waiting for the inner box so they can get labeled and go on the shelf and be ready for shipping out to customers and gift recipients

So if you need Hannukah or Christmas gifts, now is the time to browse and shop while the selection is phenomenal and the shipping is easy. So dial up some Bing Crosby on iTunes and get to it!

Holiday Gifts, gifts for Christmas, hanukkah gifts, christmas gifts, kaleidoscopes

Holiday Gifts, gifts for Christmas, hanukkah gifts, christmas gifts, kaleidoscopes

Snowflake Kaleidoscopes make fabulous Holiday Gifts & Gifts for Christmas .  Take a look at the Snowflake Kaleidoscopes by Judith Paul and Tom Durden at http://store.kaleidoscopestoyou.com/snowflake.html.  This incredible photograph is wrapped onto the scope using high grade sign vinyl and the interior is exquisite with its Snowflake Image.  More great Holiday Gifts & Gifts for Christmas are by CBennett with her liquid suspension kaleidoscopes.  Here is her Snowflake http://store.kaleidoscopestoyou.com/kaleidoscope18.html
These kaleidoscopes make great gifts for Christmas and  are both available in many different patterns and themes and make fantastic HOLIDAY GIFTS for Hanukkah gifts, Christmas gifts Kwanzaa and New Year’s gifts. Holiday Gifts at Kaleidoscopes To You Holiday Gifts, Unique Christmas Gifts, Snowflake Kaleidoscope By Kaleidoscope Artist Judith Paul and Tom Durden
Holiday Gifts, Kaleidoscope, Snowflake Liquid Suspension Kaleidoscope By   Kaleidoscope Artist, Carolyn Bennett

Christmas Inexpensive Gifts , cool Christmas gifts, christmas gifts

Christmas Inexpensive Gifts are always hard to find. At Kaleidoscopes To You We have many cool Christmas Gifts, and many unique Christmas Gift ideas many at innexpensive prices. The Jazzy and Big Jazzy kaleidoscopes make awesome Christmas Inexpensive Gifts!  These lovely traditional kaleidoscopes make fantastic stocking stuffers.  The interiors of these scopes are filled with bright colors of beads and the exterior has a vibrant wrap with the theme of your choice.  This way the kids can have them all matching or all different! 
Stocking Stuffers, Kaleidoscope, Kaleidoscopes Jazzy Kaleidoscopes $5.99
A traditional toy, the big jazzy kaleidoscope
 Christmas Inexpensive Gifts, Unique Christmas Gift Ideas, Big Jazzy Kaleidoscope by Kaleidoscope Co.
will bring a lot of nostalgia with a modern twist for great Christmas Inexpensive Gifts.