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Looking for some music to play while you admire the world inside your kaleidoscope? There are plenty of popular songs that discuss kaleidoscopes or the colors inside. Here are some songs that will liven up your kaleidoscoping:

1. “Kaleidoscope” Blink 182
2. “Kaleidoscope” The Script
3. “Kaleidoscope” Saves The Day
4. “Blue” Eiffel 65
5. “Mood Indigo” Duke Ellington
6. “Purple Haze” Jimi Hendrix
7. “Rhapsody in Blue” George Gershwin
8. “I Saw Red” – Warrant
9. “Pink” – Aerosmith
10. “Pink Panther Theme” Henry Mancini
11. “Orange Blossom Special” Johnny Cash
12. “Goldfinger” Shirley Bassey
13. “Gold on the Ceiling” The Black Keys
14. “Colors of the Wind” Vanessa Williams
15. “Purple Rain” Prince
16. “The Rainbow Connection” Weezer ft. Haley Williams
17. “Yellow Submarine” The Beatles
18. “White Wedding” Billy Idol
19. “Brown Sugar” The Rolling Stones
20. “Yellow” – Coldplay

As you’re investigating the hues and shapes through the lens of your kaleidoscope, this varied collection of music should help bring back some memories or give you the chance to make some new ones. We’ve barely scratched the surface of songs which incorporate colors, so use this list as a springboard for creating your own kaleidoscope playlist and let the musical kaleidoscoping begin.