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What’s New at Kaleidoscopes to You this July?

The lazy, hazy days of summer are a great time to kick back and enjoy some of the new kaleidoscopes available at Kaleidoscopes To You. We have a great selection of beautiful models in all prices ranges that will keep you busy for hours.

New Kaleidoscopes

  • The gorgeous Double Up 2-2014 by kaleidoscope artist Corki Weeks is one we handpicked personally on a visit to Corki’s studio earlier this summer. We are honored to have a limited number of models of her rare work.
  • Another stunning Corki Weeks model is Dress Up 2014, featuring a unique mirror system and a barrel decorated with vintage dresses.
  • Flower lovers will want to take a look at the Wild Iris Kaleidoscope. The 12th model in a series of 25 by Steve and Peggy Kittelson, this beautiful kaleidoscope features an incredible scope of glass on the interior and exterior.
  • Our new kaleidoscopes also include the Kittelsons’ Mystic Rapture, which has a pink sherbet slumped stained glass exterior. The exterior matches the interior worked glass, which floats in an oil cell. This stunning kaleidoscope also features glitter dichroic glass and a two-mirror system that creates a mandala with seven points.
  • The colorful and amazing Cosmic kaleidoscope by Carol and Tom Paretti has an interior image that mimics the view when looking down a tunnel.

Many of these new kaleidoscope models have limited quantities, so don’t delay! Visit KaleidoscopesToYou.com and shop our large selection of new kaleidoscopes today!

Vintage Kaleidoscopes for Vintage Home Designs

Vintage KaleidoscopesDo you have a taste for all things vintage? Whether you are looking for styles that go back to the 1950s or are looking for a turn-of-the-century-styled treasure to use as a centerpiece in your living room, vintage kaleidoscopes are look great in any home! KaleidoscopesToYou.com is proud to provide a wide array of vintage kaleidoscopes that are perfect people who collect vintage items.

Take a look at our selection of kaleidoscopes today and choose an amazing selection for your home today!

Holiday Elves are Humming along with a kaleidoscope…

Oh, we’re in the holiday spirit here at Kaleidoscopes To You!

We decorated with trees last week and strung some holiday lights! I even changed my Facebook Job title to Chief Holiday Elf! Planning a relaxing dinner with staff and their spouses this Saturday. We have had a unique year with the remodel and starting new work patterns and habits. This YouTube link
Warehouse Remodel on YouTube
shows the warehouse complete, but the offices hadn’t been finished out. Looking forward to a chance to relax and fellowship with everyone to celebrate the end of the remodel and the beginning of the BIG season!

This past weekend with orders was humming along and we have huge amounts of inventory arriving this week from N & J Enterprises, Collier Studios and hopefully Deborah and Kevin Healy, Joanne Jacobs and maybe even Corki Weeks.

Here’s a kaleidoscope we just received from Corki last week!
Corki Weeks Bead Parlor Kaleidoscope Video on YouTube

The scope shown below is the Cathedral Windows Trio scope by Collier – an incredible kaleidoscope value for gift giving this season! And a brand new design this year, so if you need a gift for a collector, you haven’t given this one yet!

Cathedral Windows Kaleidoscope by Collier

Cathedral Windows Kaleidoscope by Collier

I just made a phone call to double check our box order is ready for pickup. We have kaleidoscopes waiting for the inner box so they can get labeled and go on the shelf and be ready for shipping out to customers and gift recipients

So if you need Hannukah or Christmas gifts, now is the time to browse and shop while the selection is phenomenal and the shipping is easy. So dial up some Bing Crosby on iTunes and get to it!

Corki Weeks Kaleidsocope featured in Ford Motor Company advertisement with American Idol Contestants

Amazing Lady Corki Weeks has one of her large handheld kaleidoscopes featured in an advertisement for Ford cars with her kaleidoscope being passed from one American Idol contestant to the next.

Corki’s work has always been amazing and we have featured her scopes and jewelry for a long time. Check out some of her current pieces of artwork at our website;

Corki Weeks is one of the most prolific and creative kaleidoscope artists

Corki Weeks Kaleidoscope Artist Profile

kaleidoscope  artists
Corki kaleidoscope  artistsCorki Weeks is one of the most prolific and creative kaleidoscope artists of the last 30 years. Her work has spanned brass, glass and mixed media for kaleidoscopes ranging from tiny necklaces to large parlor kaleidoscopes. Her knowledge base and warm and open personality have earned her a top spot within the hearts and minds of the kaleidoscope community. Corki is known for developing new and creative mirror systems. Her latest whim is taking down a path of beads and curved and slumped dichroic glass angles. These are appearing within the mirrors and on object cells on her kaleidoscopes and around the necks of those admiring the kaleidoscopes as well as admiring Corki. Corki Weeks is a top kaleidoscope artist.

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