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How to Use Kaleidoscopes to Inspire Your Home Decor

Kaleidoscopes have been used by artists, interior designers, and even fashion designers for centuries. KaleidoscopesToYou.com offers a variety of kaleidoscopes that you can use to help choose the decor in your home. From the materials, the shapes, designs and beautiful images produced, kaleidoscopes can you help decide a number of different aspects about your home decor. You will find some of the most unique, quality, affordable and widest selection of kaleidoscopes for sale at the online retailer with years of experience, KaleidoscopesToYou.com.

Kaleidoscopes can help you choose colors to paint your home, or include in your various linens or fabrics. They can also help you pick different designs or patterns for wallpaper, fabric, linens, rugs, etc. With an eye-full of color and design from a magical kaleidoscope, your home’s decor will be sure to not only be unique, like your beautiful kaleidoscope, but will also be sure to impress any guests. Take inspiration from these beautiful creations and the colorful images they create and paint the same vibrant designs into your home decor.

Kaleidoscopes are more than just a beautiful decoration piece or a kid’s toy. They have been used for years to inspire many different types of artists and professionals. KaleidoscopesToYou.com is sure to have a piece that will be able to inspire your design eye and allow the creative home design juices flow. KaleidoscopesToYou.com also offers other beautiful pieces to decorate your home include Fenton Art glass pieces, glass marbles and much more.

Unique Wedding or Engagement Gifts

Summer is here, that means the heat is in the air and one more thing too….love! Summer time is full of wedding and engagements. Summer weddings are beautiful, especially outside with all the greenery and beautiful backdrops. It’s also the perfect time for a backyard engagement party, or to have one out on the patio or deck of a beautiful restaurant. However, as the guests to these many weddings and engagement parties, it can be difficult to find unique and memorable gifts. We already discussed the beautiful option of kaleidoscope jewelry as one unique wedding gift, but we have many more items available that are the perfect gifts for wedding and engagement parties of unique or interesting couples.

One beautiful option is the wide selection of Fenton Art Glass available right here at KaleidoscopesToYou.com. We offer over 50 pieces of beautiful Fenton Art Glass, including everything from decorative vases to various animals, birthstone bears, bells, ring holders, bowls and music boxes. If you are attending the wedding or engagement of a couple who loves art, or blown glass, or think they would appreciate a lovely piece of Fenton Art Glass, then we have a piece we know they would love. It’s also a wonderful way to get them something unique that they can treasure for years to come.

We also offer another unique wedding or engagement gift for the loving couples, wedding kaleidoscopes. The wedding kaleidoscopes represent a marriage of two different viewpoints that are seamlessly merged into one. Our wedding kaleidoscopes are a wonderful gift for a newlywed couple, especially those who are more eccentric, or who love interesting items. They will never forget who gave them such a unique gift on their big day. Our wedding kaleidoscopes come in a lovely gift box ready to be gifted, and also have an engravable brass plate that can be included for an additional cost and a longer delivery time.

Visit KaleidoscopesToYou.com to see our entire collection of Kaleidoscopes for sale, from favors, wedding gifts, toys, and much more!

What’s the most memorable gift that you received at your wedding or engagement party?

Fenton Art Glass and Kaleidoscopes To You

Karl and I have shared a great history with Fenton Art Glass for over 25 years. Both of our family businesses had carried Fenton glass independently before we married and merged the stores and eventually became Kaleidoscopes To You. But that’s another chapter.

The chapter being written at Fenton currently is one of big change as they transition from major glass production into bead making.

Karl and I had a magical visit in 1999. We took the public tour and spent some time in the gift shop and then we introduced ourselves as a dealer. Then Scott Fenton spent some time showing us the new furnaces and sharing some of his history. He started out sweeping floors around the furnaces and then worked with hot glass during college.

We also were allowed to see the machinists at work as they create new moulds for glassmaking. Each mould was handtooled and crafted from solid steel to withstand the heat of the glass. A quiet secret is the basement. It is filled with vast amounts of steel moulds; not just crafted by Fenton craftsmen but also acquired from other glass factories that have closed along the Ohio River valley. Stacks and stacks of moulds all tagged and cataloged…..

Then we were escorted up to Bill Fenton’s office. Bill was serving as Chairman and Frank was Historian during 1999. Frank stopped in briefly, but we spent half an hour listening to Bill’s stories and learning about the major gift shows and their new efforts on QVC. Shelley Fenton Ash also poked in for a moment as she wanted to check on a prototype piece for QVC that she picked up off of the shelf.

Bill told us the story of selling a piece of cranberry glass to Avon for a Christmas catalog. Now Bill could have taken a dozen of these pieces home from the factory. But no, he orders 2 pieces from his local Avon lady! Talk about integrity and wanting to see his products succeed as well as everyone connected to Fenton!

Bill was also interested in kaleidoscopes. I took off my Dean Krause Oneness ring and handed it to him. Being delightfully old school, he exclaimed “What cute girls in bikinis!”

As we left Bill’s office, our main sales contact told us how impressed Bill must have been. It was 11:45. He always left at 11:15 so he could have lunch at home with his wife and watch the Young and the Restless!

We have always been proud to represent Fenton Art Glass here at Kaleidoscopes To You. It is with sadness and respect that we have received our last shipment of figurines from Fenton. We have adapted and changed our business through the years and we acknowledge and respect Fenton for having the strength and foresight to change and adapt. In fact, back in 1999, our website had a dancing telephone icon and our toll free number. We didn’t even have internet access at work yet!

At Kaleidoscopes To You, we are able to expand our glass paperwieght and figurine offerings with other glass studios. Feel free to browse Glass Eye Studio and Orient and Flume Art Glass on our website for lovely gift ideas.