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Kaleidoscope Artist Highlight: Kathleen Hunt

For over 10 years, glass artist Kathleen Hunt has been using classic stained and fused glass techniques to create beautiful handcrafted kaleidoscopes. Each of Hunt’s kaleidoscopes is a magnificent work of art with unique embellishments. You’ll surely enjoy the beauty that is offered by one of Hunt’s stunning kaleidoscope works of art!

Revel in the magic of Hunt’s Fused Wheel Kaleidoscopes. These colorful scopes are approximately 8″ long, and feature multi-colored fused glass wheels that have a colorful display of glass pieces. The Fused Wheel Kaleidoscopes are available in blue, white and red.

Take off to an adventurous land with Hunt’s Aerospace Kaleidoscopes! Available in blue and red, these amazing kaleidoscopes are shaped like airplanes and measure 9.5″ long and 4 3/8″ tall. Each Aerospace Kaleidoscope features two colorful hand fused glass wheels. Whether you’re decorating a child’s room or displaying it on your desk, an Aerospace Kaleidoscope is a charming addition to a room’s décor!

With a barrel made from red iridescent stained glass and an end that’s decorated with bits and pieces of iridescent stained glass chips and beads, the Modern Glass Art Kaleidoscope is a marvelous addition to any kaleidoscope collection! Sitting atop a crystal pedestal, this kaleidoscope art will create the perfect discussion piece for your office desk or the end table in your living room.

You can learn more about kaleidoscope and glass artist Kathleen Hunt and her magnificent works of kaleidoscope art at KaleidoscopesToYou.com.