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A Kaleidoscope Artist Spotlight: Jan and Michael Collier

Jan and Michael Collier are a second generation husband and wife team of kaleidoscope artists. They are a part of the family business Collier Studios which began in 1985. They use their artistic talents to create amazing kaleidoscopes that are featured in a variety of series.

Spirit Series Kaleidoscopes
The kaleidoscopes within the spirit series are made of a durable acrylic. It uses a two-mirror system that displays a breathtaking image inside. The kaleidoscopes are designed to allow light to come in through the sides which adds to the beauty of the image inside. The eyepiece includes a dust cover that slides on to keep it clean. This series is both durable and affordable.

Seashell Sprit Series Kaleidoscopes
This series is made using a durable acrylic and is designed with seashell and starfish artwork on the exterior. It has a two-mirror system that allows you to see the tiny seashells and colorful pieces inside. The eyepiece includes a dust cover to keep it clean.

Chrome Series Kaleidoscopes
This series uses three different mirror systems within it. A Vortex Tunnel mirror System, two-mirror system, and three-mirror system are all used. It is made with acrylic and chrome with bright colorful clay pieces on the inside giving the viewer beautiful images to look at.

Cherry Blossom Kaleidoscopes
The Cherry Blossom kaleidoscopes are made using an acrylic material for the exterior. The interior displays beautiful colors that create designs related to cherry blossoms on the inside.

Peacekeeper Wooden Kaleidoscopes
This series is made using solid woods which provide a beautiful exterior. The interior gives you a view of a five point star of bright colors, through a two-mirror system.

Which is your favorite kaleidoscope by Jan and Michael Collier?