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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Kaleidoscopes, but we’re Too Afraid to Ask!

Do you remember the first time you ever looked into a Kaleidoscope and witnessed the mesmerizing patterns changing right before your own eyes? You probably remember the swirling shapes melting from color to color with every mystifying turn. Everyone knows the charm and whimsy that is a Kaleidoscope, but what do you really know about these unique little devices?

” The word, “kaleidoscope” literally translates to, “The Beautiful Watcher” from the combination of three Greek words: “Kalos,” which means beautiful; “eidos,” which means form; and “scopos,” which means watcher.
” Scottish inventor, David Brewster never made a profit off of his creation due to an incorrectly worded patent.
” It was not until the late 1970’s that kaleidoscope artistry made a boom.
” Kaleidoscopes work by using mirrors to produce changing symmetrical patterns, the color inside are chips of glass and sometimes other material loosely sandwiched between two glass disks.
” The world’s largest existing kaleidoscope, located in Mt. Tremper, N.Y., is 64ft tall. There is no eyepiece; visitors stand inside the base to view the image.
” In 2005, in Japan, a 130-ft-high kaleidoscope was constructed in the three-sided Earth Tower, three large, oil-filled revolving disks filtered incoming light that was reflected by giant mirrors to price a spherical image 118 ft in diameter; the image was viewed by standing inside the tower.
” Persistent Migraine Aura is a disorder that causes everything to be immensely distorted by multiple colors and shapes. Only twenty people in the world suffer from this disorder, but they literally see everything as if they were looking through a kaleidoscope.

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