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Kaleidoscopes for Kids Make Learning Fascinating

Play may be “just fun,” but for kids, playing is an important part of learning. A recent article in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics says, “Play is essential to development because it contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children.”

With so many of our children spending increasing amounts of time in front of computer screens, it can be a challenge to engage them in other activities. Sometimes going back to the simpler things is the answer. Many of the traditional toys that were popular decades ago actually serve to pull kids out of the digital age better than the newer toys.

The kaleidoscope is a great example of a toy that has endured over the decades. This is a great time of the year to consider presenting a toy that will open up new dimensions of fun to your child, grandchild, or friend’s child. One of the greatest values for the money, the kaleidoscope mesmerizes children and extends their imaginations.

Even a very young child can enjoy the colorful display of ever-changing patterns. Kids seem to enjoy the power the kaleidoscope gives them to create new patterns just by rotating it. Older kids will be interested in learning about how it works giving you a great opportunity to do a little science lesson. Kaleidoscopes for kids make great gifts that will stimulate and entertain for many years.

Kaleidoscopes for kids

Reminisce on Childhood with Liquid Kaleidoscopes

Are you looking for a fun and unique gift for a child? Then your search ends here! Liquid kaleidoscopes are a great gift for children of any age. Watch and become transfixed as moons, stars and glitter come to life with just a twist of your wrist! Non-toxic, made from durable acrylic and available in a wide variety of color options, these kaleidoscopes provide hours of entertainment and excitement.

Even if you aren’t searching for a children’s gift, who’s to say you can’t purchase a liquid kaleidoscope to bring out your inner child? Plus, the inner tube of your liquid kaleidoscope is interchangeable, so you’ll have plenty of mesmerizing color combinations. At KaleidoscopesToYou.com we have a large selection of Fluid Fantasy Liquid Kaleidoscope Wands, including purple, gold and color swirled combinations. So no matter what style you fancy, there’s a design that is sure to take you back to your childhood and provide endless entertainment!

A liquid kaleidoscope is a great option for both kids and adults, making it something you and your youngster can enjoy together. Kaleidoscopes are meant to be fun and exciting, so order one today and have a blast playing with your new liquid kaleidoscope!

Why Shop Here at KaleidoscopesToYou.com

Summer is coming to a close in a few weeks, meaning school will also be starting up very soon. With that said, some kids get excited to see their friends and teachers again, while others may be more nervous starting a new school or grade. When your child is nervous to head back to school, you’ll do anything to make them feel a little better and take that unnecessary stress off their shoulders. So how exactly do you get them excited to head back to school? We suggest you try with a new back to school gift, such as a kids kaleidoscope from KaleidoscopesToYou.com.

A wonderful kaleidoscope is a great way to help your child get excited for the new school year. They’ll be excited to take their new toy kaleidoscope with them to class and recess. They can share the fun colors with their new friends and be the hit at show and tell or recess time. If your child is nervous for the school year, talk to them about picking out their very own kaleidoscope as a back to school gift. You can spend time together choosing the perfect one and waiting patiently for the mailman to bring it to the door. Visit KaleidoscopesToYou.com for a wide selection of kaleidoscopes for sale, you’ll be sure to find the perfect for your child for back to school season!

How do you get your child excited to head back to school?

The Perfect Summer Favor: Kaleidoscopes

Summer is here and so are the parties. The weather is perfect for outdoor bridal showers or children’s birthday parties. With parties all the time in the beautiful summer weather, it can sometimes be hard for your party to stand out and be unique. We have the perfect solution. To be sure that guests remember your party above all the rest, send them home with a unique favor, a kaleidoscope.

The kaleidoscope is perfect as a favor for a number of different events this summer. Give them to all the children at a child’s birthday. They will be mesmerized by the beautiful, changing colors and mom and dad will be happy that it’s not more sugary treats. They are perfect for a fun rainbow themed party, even a pirate party as a colorful little pirate scope. No matter what the theme, the kids will love their new kaleidoscope that will keep them entertained for hours to come. As for bridal showers or baby showers, kaleidoscopes are another wonderful favor for guests. Don’t send them home with sweets they don’t eat, or useless little trinkets. Let your guests enjoy the wonders and amazement of a kaleidoscope party favor. Guests will be sure to talk about your unique favors for weeks to come. The summer is full of bright and beautiful colors, so why not take advantage to play on those colors with a wonderful kaleidoscope favor.

To add that extra special touch to your kaleidoscope favor, you can personalize them yourself. There is a link available that allows you to download and print designs to attach to the exterior of the kaleidoscope to say thank you to your guests or to personalize them for each guest. We also offer kaleidoscopes that we can personally customize with your name or image for any event or party. To impress your guests even more, you can have the date or your name printed on the inside of the kaleidoscope. This allows the guests to see the name or date as they enjoy the array of colors of their kaleidoscope.

Make your next event stand out with a kaleidoscope favor from KaleidoscopesToYou.com. Find all your kaleidoscope needs, including toys and custom kaleidoscopes along with kaleidoscope jewelry and many more unique gift ideas.


So much has happened this week.

In preparing for Thanksgiving, there’s always the turkey and how many places to set at the table.
At work, we are always gearing up form Black Monday being etailers.

But this year, my family is grateful. We will all be together. After a “surprise” open heart surgery, my father will be coming home tomorrow.

Here we are all together in the shop in 2007.

Jean and her Family

Jean and her Family

This Thanksgiving will have special meaning of family

Grateful prayers go out to the incredible teams at Mayo Clinic and Saint Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, MN. Special shout outs to Drs. Evans and Park and Michelle Squared. (His double team of RN’s in ICU named Michelle and Michelle!)

Kaleidoscope, Christmas Inexpensive Gifts

Christmas Inexpensive Gifts

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Are you looking for great Christmas Inexpensive Gifts for kids?

Take a look at an entire section http://www.kaleidoscopestoyou.com/kalforchil.html at Kaleidoscopes To You.

Everything from the classic tin kaleidoscope http://www.kaleidoscopestoyou.com/cltinkabysc4.html
 Collectible Toys, Tin Toys, Classic Tin Toy Kaleidoscopes by Schylling

to make it yourself kaleidoscope kits perfect for a precocious teen.  http://www.kaleidoscopestoyou.com/nakitbyge1.html

Kaleidoscope Kits, Make Your Own Kaleidoscope, Nature Kit By Gemini


Kaleidoscopes for Kids are really hard to find in local malls and toy stores. That is why Kaleidoscopes To You does well with its internet catalog of kaleidoscopes.  In lieu of driving and hunting at the mall, leisurely surf through our large selection of toy kaleidoscopes that are only a portion of our kaleidoscopes for sale.

Stocking stuffers are definitely a Christmas Inexpensive gift and a toy kaleidoscope can be the perfect addition to anyone’s Holiday Gifts in their stockings. These keychains come in 6 colors so you can get enough to go right down the line!  http://www.kaleidoscopestoyou.com/limo4smkeych.html

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