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Turn Kaleidoscopes for Kids into Learning Tools

Kaleidoscopes for kids are a wonderful toy to keep children entertained. But the best part is that they can be learning tools for children as well, not just toys. Every parent loves when a child can learn and play at the same time. Your child can do just that with one of the many kaleidoscopes for sale right here at KaleidoscopesToYou.com.

Here are just a few ways that you can teach your child many things while enjoying a wonderfully unique and colorful kaleidoscope:

-Learn colors: With the many vibrant colors in the kaleidoscope, you can teach your child about colors, how they are made with primary colors, or anything about colors that is relative to their age.
-Help them channel their creativeness by coloring or drawing what they see: Teach your child about shapes, or learning how to creatively interpret images.
-Learn to share: Sharing is always an important lesson to learn as a kid, and I’m sure many other children will want to see the colorful and magical wonders of the kaleidoscope where you can promote sharing.
-Learn responsibility: A kaleidoscope is the perfect toy for show and tell day, but your child must be responsible for remembering not only to take it to school, but also to bring it home.
-Learn to save: If your child wants a kaleidoscope of their own, you can teach them the importance of saving, and how to save their money to reach a desired goal.

Depending on your child’s age and learning level, you can teach them a number of subjects and values with their new kaleidoscope. Take the opportunity for a toy to not only be a learning tool, but also to promote creativity and important values. Visit KaleidoscopesToYou.com today for a wide selection of kaleidoscopes for sale, toys, http://www.kaleidoscopestoyou.com/kaleidojewelry1.html, favors and much more!


So much has happened this week.

In preparing for Thanksgiving, there’s always the turkey and how many places to set at the table.
At work, we are always gearing up form Black Monday being etailers.

But this year, my family is grateful. We will all be together. After a “surprise” open heart surgery, my father will be coming home tomorrow.

Here we are all together in the shop in 2007.

Jean and her Family

Jean and her Family

This Thanksgiving will have special meaning of family

Grateful prayers go out to the incredible teams at Mayo Clinic and Saint Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, MN. Special shout outs to Drs. Evans and Park and Michelle Squared. (His double team of RN’s in ICU named Michelle and Michelle!)