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Learn and Explore with Build-Your-Own Kaleidoscope Kits!

Kaleidoscope KitAre you a kaleidoscope enthusiast or collector looking for a fun project in your downtime? Or are you an educator looking for an educational lesson you can explore with your class? Build your own kaleidoscope and explore the inner workings of the amazing work of art that is a kaleidoscope!

For the kids, this won’t be just any craft project! They’ll have fun learning about the wonders of light and exactly what is involved in creating such a unique item. And the best part for kids – when they’re finished with the project, they’ve got themselves a new toy!

At KaleidoscopesToYou.com we have several Kaleidoscope Kits to choose from. You can’t go wrong with any one of our kits, but one of the best quality and most popular styles is that Kaleidoscope Kit. Most kit contents are similar, but to give you a better idea of what you can find in a build your own kit, this specific kaleidoscope making kit contains:

  • 3 high reflective glass front surface mirrors,
  • 1 tube,
  • 1 adhesive dressing foil,
  • 2 glass pieces for ends and eyepieces,
  • Many different shapes of colorful handmade glass and plastic shapes for the object cell,
  • 2 black fittings,
  • 1 light grey distance ring,
  • 1 grey padding,
  • Blue tape,
  • Red tape,
  • Filling,
  • Instructions

Perfect for art class or a birthday party craft project, the Bulk Kaleidoscope Kit contains 12 build-your-own kaleidoscopes for just $41. That’s $3.50 per kaleidoscope, which is perfect for sticking to a budget.

Do you have a little princess in the house? If so, she’ll love the Princess build your own kaleidoscope kit! It comes with sparkling plastic gems, shiny rings, and brightly colored beads, while the exterior is a shimmering hot pink! The queen of your heart is sure to love this Princess Kaleidoscope kit.

School day, summer camp, birthday party, or rainy day indoors, build your own kaleidoscope kits are a fun time, guaranteed! Learn and explore with shiny mirrors and glass pieces with our full selection from KaleidoscopesToYou.com today!