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Introducing October’s Popular New Kaleidoscopes

With the cooler autumn months upon us, everyone starts spending more time indoors, looking for new and exciting activities. Now is the ideal time to browse through the new inventory of new kaleidoscopes at KaleidescopestoYou.com. We have many new and different Japanese kaleidoscopes and vintage kaleidoscopes on our pages that we have brought in from all over the United States.

Japanese kaleidoscopes are always popular sellers. Brand new in our inventory are wood wand kaleidoscopes by Japanese artist Sakai. These inexpensive kaleidoscopes with wonderful optics come in multi-colors and green for your viewing pleasure. Sakai’s Miniwand in teal is also a unique item.

Not to be outdone, KaleidscopestoYou.com also has an extensive collection of fine vintage kaleidoscopes in stock that are idea for collectors or even as gifts for those individuals for whom no one can ever find a gift. Take a look at our unique wooden or stained glass kaleidoscopes. Each is lovingly crafted and range far from the norm as thoughtful gifts. Choose from items crafted by artists such as Glen Staub whose Paragon features a six-point polarized cell encased in zebra wood and walnut, a stained glass two wheel handheld model by Bob Ade or the handmade three-wheel vintage model.