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Kaleidoscope of Love

kaleidoscopes for kids

Artist Sue Ross was a child when she crafted her first kaleidoscope, fashioned from a cardboard tube and a few random items. Later, the California-based artist used her knowledge of fine glass etching and stained glass window design to turn her hobby and fascination with kaleidoscopes into a career.

Her adult creations are inspired, detailed and unique, and they are coveted by collectors across the globe. Her keen eye for detail and whimsical designs inspired by childhood and fairy tales, Sue Ross kaleidoscopes are imaginative conversation pieces that may become treasured heirlooms.

Kaleidoscopes themselves have a rich history that goes back almost 200 years. They have come a long way from their early, simple designs that were originally intended to be a tool for scientists studying the polarization of light. They gained popularity instead as children’s toys, and many kaleidoscopes today mingle form and function, becoming works of art.

Many of Ross’ creations are discontinued and have become collector’s items, like the Frog Prince and the Petite Jewel Mini Parlor. Her delicate designs don’t overlook the kaleidoscope case, which may be made of ceramic, rosewood or glass and then embellished with ribbons, reverse painted glass, beads, and metal accents. Collectible Sue Ross kaleidoscopes are signed by the artist.