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Signed Glass Marbles

Not just kaleidoscopes, we feature gorgeous Signed Glass Marbles here at Kaleidoscopes To You.
In fact, we offer so many gorgeous one-of-a-kind marbles, we have created an entire section just devoted to Marbles.

Marble artists we started carrying in 2008 are the Mazet Brothers. These 3 brothers work together to create amazing Vortex, Galaxy and whimisical marbles.

Here’s one of my favorites! A dichroic butterfly trapped with the marble.

Mazet Butterfly Marble

Mazet Butterfly Marble

Here’s a link to our YouTube Channel for Kaleidoscopes To You showing this marble in motion.

Then the Mazet Brothers get really crazy with the lampworking on the outside to make some stellar and whimsical paperweights. Take a look at this frog perched atop a Vortex!

Mazet Frog on Vortex

Mazet Frog on Vortex

Here’s some video that shows the size and glimmer within this gorgeous petite glass sculpture.
Mazet Frog on Vortex on YouTube

To experience a kaleidoscope, try our channel on YouTube!

Cosmic by the Parettis on YouTube

Would you like to experience the images of the kaleidoscope? We are doing our best at Kaleidoscopes To You to make that happen including our own channel on YouTube. We hope that you subscribe to us on YouTube! We are kscopes01 on YouTube and