which kaleidoscope artists have made it to Karl and Jean’s personal collection?

OK So do you wonder which kaleidoscope artists have made it to Karl and Jean’s personal collection?

Judith Paul and Tom Durden – Judith’s color sense and Tom’s mirrors are a fantastic combination. And their scopes reflect their vibrant and open personalities.

Corki Weeks – This woman is an absolute Maven of the Kaleidoscope. Our piece of Corki’s work is a brass Griffin pedestal scope with one of the first double mirror systems.
Sydney’s favorite as well! enough said.

Glenn Straub. Some of the best polarized cells ever.

Van Cort Instruments. Need these for historical archive and for prototypes.

Janice Chesnik. The best wheel kaleidoscopes ever designed.

Deborah and Kevin Healy. Karl has picked out many for Jean as gifts and Deborah and Jean share a birthday as well!

David Kalish. Specially designed cell for an early Hypochondriac.

Carolyn Bennett Baby gifts from Carolyn for our daughters!

Skeeter and Peter DeMattia – Baby Bottle kaleidoscope sent to us as a baby gift from Mary Wills and Sally Dryer.

Dean Krause. The last Oneness ring we had in stock. Had to keep it.
Marc Tickle Pinnacle. Just really fun to play with as it has the objects rolling around within the mirror system.

Charles Karadimos – 2 pods that we selected from his studio. One cobalt blue and the other terra cotta and sage speckled.

Bob McWilliam – Hand held stained glass with interchangeable cells. Just really cool and endless. Fun to play with the lamp worked glass and feel it in the hand. Lauren’s favorite!

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