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Into the Looking Glass – A Kaleidoscope Artist Spotlight: Steve & Peggy Kittelson

When it comes to intricately designed stained glass kaleidoscopes. The work of Steve and Peggy Kittelson stands out from the rest. This husband and wife duo has been turning out award winning kaleidoscopes for years. Active members of the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society since 1986, Peggy and Steve have received numerous awards for their colorful and exquisitely crafted designs.

After years of perfecting his craft, Steve is now a master of glass fusing and creating seamless mirror systems. The quality of the images his mirrors create is remarkably crisp and clear, making for perfect images and incredible fields of color.

Peggy Kittelson specializes in the handmade glass beadwork floating in the oil filled object chambers of each kaleidoscope. Her imaginative use of color and form create fantastic combinations of color and texture in every piece they create.

Together, the Kittelson’s work offers kaleidoscope lovers some of the finest views available. Their stained glass kaleidoscopes come in a variety of finishes, from marbled looking glass to mosaic styled pieces. They even offer decorative kaleidoscopes that are adorned with glass figures of flowers, cats, and more. Whether you’re looking for a standard sized kaleidoscope or a larger parlor kaleidoscope, Peggy and Steve Kittelson have you covered with some of the finest stained glass kaleidoscopes available anywhere.

Into the Looking Glass – A Kaleidoscope Artist Spotlight: Bob & Grace Ade

This month, we shine our Kaleidoscope Artist Spotlight on Bob and Grace Ade, whose modern kaleidoscope art creations are among the favorites at our store. Their stained glass and modern art kaleidoscopes are masterworks of visual art.

For the Ade’s, it all began with candle making in New Jersey, but the discovery of a stained glass kaleidoscope in a gift shop drew the pair to scope-making. An interest in art and glass prompted Grace and Bob to learn glass fusing and glass blowing techniques, which they could use for their kaleidoscope designs. Bob’s degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University has helped him design and build his visual spectacles.

Years have passed since their kaleidoscope discovery, and Grace and Bob now call Seattle, Washington home. Kaleidoscope creation has overtaken much of their house on Puget Sound. They’ve raised six children, five of whom help them when kaleidoscope orders are too numerous for the couple to handle. The Ade’s have designed 40 different kaleidoscope models, with a focus on generating beautiful, interesting images within their scopes.

While Bob and Grace enjoy traveling throughout the United States, visiting and trading with other kaleidoscope artists, their future plans include the creation of more kaleidoscopes.
At, we carry a large selection of stained glass and modern art kaleidoscopes from Grace and Bob Ade. Check out their wonderful creations yourself today.

Into the Looking Glass – A Kaleidoscope Artist Spotlight: Carolyn Bennett

At, you’ll find a wide variety of kaleidoscopes by many different kaleidoscope artists. Every once in a while we like to highlight one of our popular kaleidoscope artists, so you know a bit more about the person behind the wonderful works of art that are available at Kaleidoscopes To You.

” Carolyn made her first kaleidoscope when she was just 9 years old.
” Attended New York University, receiving a BA in Fine Arts.
” Received a MA in Art History and Art Education from the State University of New York.
” She began making kaleidoscopes as a hobby in 1973, while she was teaching high school art classes.
” Carolyn began a career as a full time kaleidoscope artist in 1978.
” Served as one of the Directors of the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society from 2003-2009.
” Patented the Pop-Up Kaleidoscope in 2003, which is a tiny kaleidoscope that folds into a CD case.
” The Pop-Up Kaleidoscope won the Brewster Society’s People’s Choice Award in 2002.
” Patented the Scopelens, which is a kaleidoscope attachment for a 35 mm camera.

At, we have an assortment of kaleidoscopes by Carolyn Bennett, including options from her suspension kaleidoscope collection. These mesmerizing kaleidoscopes combine beads, stones, shells, glass and other objects in a liquid filled chamber to create a unique work of kaleidoscope art. You can learn more about Kaleidoscope Artist Carolyn Bennett at

Kaleidoscope Artist Highlight: Kathleen Hunt

For over 10 years, glass artist Kathleen Hunt has been using classic stained and fused glass techniques to create beautiful handcrafted kaleidoscopes. Each of Hunt’s kaleidoscopes is a magnificent work of art with unique embellishments. You’ll surely enjoy the beauty that is offered by one of Hunt’s stunning kaleidoscope works of art!

Revel in the magic of Hunt’s Fused Wheel Kaleidoscopes. These colorful scopes are approximately 8″ long, and feature multi-colored fused glass wheels that have a colorful display of glass pieces. The Fused Wheel Kaleidoscopes are available in blue, white and red.

Take off to an adventurous land with Hunt’s Aerospace Kaleidoscopes! Available in blue and red, these amazing kaleidoscopes are shaped like airplanes and measure 9.5″ long and 4 3/8″ tall. Each Aerospace Kaleidoscope features two colorful hand fused glass wheels. Whether you’re decorating a child’s room or displaying it on your desk, an Aerospace Kaleidoscope is a charming addition to a room’s décor!

With a barrel made from red iridescent stained glass and an end that’s decorated with bits and pieces of iridescent stained glass chips and beads, the Modern Glass Art Kaleidoscope is a marvelous addition to any kaleidoscope collection! Sitting atop a crystal pedestal, this kaleidoscope art will create the perfect discussion piece for your office desk or the end table in your living room.

You can learn more about kaleidoscope and glass artist Kathleen Hunt and her magnificent works of kaleidoscope art at

Top Kaleidoscopes & Kaleidoscope Products on Pinterest: October

At Kaleidoscopes To You, we have a new obsession ” Pinterest. Have you been on Pinterest lately? You can find so many great ideas and products, including kaleidoscopes! We searched Pinterest far and wide to discover what kaleidoscopes and kaleidoscope products people are pinning the most. We’ve compiled them into a list of our top 5 kaleidoscopes and kaleidoscope products on Pinterest.

1. The Tan Feather and Leather Kaleidoscope by Artists, Tom and Carol Paretti is a favorite for one Pinterest user. This beautiful kaleidoscope would make a wonderful addition to any kaleidoscope collection!
Pinned by:

2. The Teleidoscope, Kaleidoscope Necklace by Corki Weeks is a beautiful detailed necklace that’s perfect for every kaleidoscope lover. It’s no wonder one Pinterest user pinned the necklace onto a board titled, “Functional Wearables”!
Pinned by:

3. If you’re searching for a kaleidoscope with plenty of color you’ll surely find what you’re looking for in the Seashell Spirit Kaleidoscope by Michael Collier!
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4. Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone special or you’re treating yourself, this kaleidoscope necklace in a silver and antique pewter finish is a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection!
Pinned by:

5. Dress up your outfit with a stunning stained glass jewelry brooch! This Navy Iridescent Brooch by Joanne Jacobs looks great on any blouse, scarf, or jacket.
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We want to know, what are some of your favorite, pin-worthy kaleidoscopes and kaleidoscope products at

Admiring Exquisite Handmade Kaleidoscope Artistry

Kaleidoscopes are an art. There’s no doubt about it. It’s astonishing to think about how many people are absolutely fascinated by them. People of all ages from all over the world are captivated by their charm and whimsy. The kaleidoscope offers an unparalleled visual and tactile experience, so it’s no wonder that artists and craftsmen from around the globe are compelled to create their own unique versions.

At we’re proud to offer handmade kaleidoscopes made by dozens of talented artists. Each artist has their own unique approach to creating a kaleidoscope, from the materials they choose, to the shapes and sizes of their final designs. There are no two kaleidoscopes or kaleidoscope makers who are exactly the same. This makes the world of kaleidoscopes as varied as the visual displays contained within them.

From large handmade parlor kaleidoscopes by Steve and Peggy Kittelson, to Jerry Farnsworth’s wooden kaleidoscope crabs, there are surprises around every artist’s corner. If you think you’ve seen kaleidoscopes before, we encourage you to explore our artist section. We know there is something new and unique waiting for you there. In fact, there is probably something you’ve never seen before. Since new kaleidoscopic artists are popping up all the time, we are always finding exciting new talent to feature on our site. Stop by today and explore the fascinating world of kaleidoscope art at

Kaleidoscope Artist Judith Paul inspires Christine Feehan

In working in this wonderful world of kaleidoscopes, fabulous and inspiring people have entered our lives. Judith Paul and Tom Durden are 2 such people for Karl and I.

Judith and Tom were an unlikely love story to start but they have built an incredible life full of color and love. Judith’s background is in color. Color preservation to be exact. She is a highly respected restoration artist and has restored paintings in many exclusive and famous art collections. Tom brings engineering and precision to match Judith’s color palettes. This combination implodes within their fabulous kaleidoscopes.

Exterior of Monet\'s Japanese Bridge Kaleidoscope

Exterior of Monet's Japanese Bridge Kaleidoscope

Interior Image with Iris from Monet\'s Japanese Bridge Kaleidoscope

Interior Image with Iris from Monet's Japanese Bridge Kaleidoscope

Monet’s Japanese Garden is an lovely example of how this works.
Delicate lavendars, blues and pinks bloom inside the object cell with a unique arc for a mirror system.

Youtube Video of Monet\'s Japanese Bridge by Judith Paul

Judith has so much inspiration, she has plenty to share! Christine Feehan has been the latest person to be inspired by Judith. The most recent book is Spirit Bound

The main character is Judith Henderson, a painter and kaleidoscope artist whose main love interest is Thomas Vincent…..

Judith’s life is filled with color and love. This book is inspired by this and we are honored that Judith includes is in a corner of her vibrant life!

Holiday Elves are Humming along with a kaleidoscope…

Oh, we’re in the holiday spirit here at Kaleidoscopes To You!

We decorated with trees last week and strung some holiday lights! I even changed my Facebook Job title to Chief Holiday Elf! Planning a relaxing dinner with staff and their spouses this Saturday. We have had a unique year with the remodel and starting new work patterns and habits. This YouTube link
Warehouse Remodel on YouTube
shows the warehouse complete, but the offices hadn’t been finished out. Looking forward to a chance to relax and fellowship with everyone to celebrate the end of the remodel and the beginning of the BIG season!

This past weekend with orders was humming along and we have huge amounts of inventory arriving this week from N & J Enterprises, Collier Studios and hopefully Deborah and Kevin Healy, Joanne Jacobs and maybe even Corki Weeks.

Here’s a kaleidoscope we just received from Corki last week!
Corki Weeks Bead Parlor Kaleidoscope Video on YouTube

The scope shown below is the Cathedral Windows Trio scope by Collier – an incredible kaleidoscope value for gift giving this season! And a brand new design this year, so if you need a gift for a collector, you haven’t given this one yet!

Cathedral Windows Kaleidoscope by Collier

Cathedral Windows Kaleidoscope by Collier

I just made a phone call to double check our box order is ready for pickup. We have kaleidoscopes waiting for the inner box so they can get labeled and go on the shelf and be ready for shipping out to customers and gift recipients

So if you need Hannukah or Christmas gifts, now is the time to browse and shop while the selection is phenomenal and the shipping is easy. So dial up some Bing Crosby on iTunes and get to it!

Peggy’s amazing technicolor world of glass!

In early October, we had a wonderful afternoon on the Northeast Iowa Artists Tour. Our destination and purpose was the art glass and kaleidoscope studio of Peggy and Steve Kittleson.

We are always amazed by hot glass work. Peggy allowed us to take video which is hosted on YouTube.
Peggy Kittleson Lampworking Glass

On this gorgeous Saturday afternoon, we had the opportunity to learn the back story on Mystic Resolution and its full inspiration. Watch here.

This Mystic Resolution Parlor Kaleidoscope by Peggy and Steve Kittleson is a rare kaleidoscope limited to only 5 pieces. The one shown here is #4 in the series of 5.

Artist Profile and Interview with Sue Rioux

Karl and I here at Kaleidoscopes To You just love our Flip Camera technology. It allows us to capture so much more of the kaleidoscopes that we feature and now we are beginning to capture interviews with artists. This allows you the rare opportunity to learn even more about how and why these kaleidoscopes are so fabulous.

At the most recent Brewster Kaleidoscope Convention, Karl had the opportunity to interview Sue Rioux; a fabulous stained glass artist. During this interview, Sue talks about her work throughout almost 30 years of art. Her training is as sculptor and painting; however her work in the late 70’s is predominantly flat panel stained glass installations. Then Sue saw the brass kaleidoscopes of Janice Chesnik in a gallery in southern California. Sue began using brass tubes with her stained glass to create kaleidoscopes as well and then the glass inspired Sue even more.

Sue’s work since the mid 90’s has been flat panel stained glass construction with beautiful barrels or oil filled barrels for the chambers. Sue also fuses glass and dichroic glass in her kiln to create beautiful components for her kaleidoscope exteriors, barrels and interiors.

Take a look at Miraposa.

Miraposa by Sue Rioux

Miraposa by Sue Rioux

This creation showcases all that is fantastic and unique about Sue Rioux’s kaleidoscopes. The fused and dichroic glass soldered into this exquisite turning barrel.

Miraposa Barrel

Miraposa Barrel

The technique and solid construction of the body and the mirror system.

Miraposa Eyepiece

Miraposa Eyepiece

The vibrant colors.

Miraposa Interior

Miraposa Interior