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Kaleidoscopes in Review

When you hear the word kaleidoscope, a cheap plastic kid’s toy may come to mind. A kaleidoscope is a piece of artwork, something you can enjoy at any age. They are collectible but can also be enjoyed as a unique, one-time gift. Artisans handcraft imaginative masterpieces that often incorporate other talents from metal work to glass blowing.

Color Spirit Kaleidoscopes

What is a color spirit kaleidoscope? It’s a handmade kaleidoscope featuring an oil filled cell with at least one hand lampworked glass piece by the artist, Karl. There are many different themes in this wonderful, magical series.

Starry Night – the Kaleidoscope

Are you or someone in your life a fan of Van Gogh? If art is in your blood, then the Starry Night color spirit kaleidoscope is a masterpiece both inside and out. Adorned with Van Gogh’s starry night, the outside of the tube is only a preview of what’s to come. The white at the base and cap offer a nice contrast to the Starry Night image.

Starry Night Color Spirit Kaleidoscope

Inside you’ll find an array of rich blues, yellows, and reds mixed with a contrasting white. It’s filled with mineral oil, so you’ll see flowing, vibrant images as you slowly twist the turning chamber. The images ooze and dance in fluid motion. The 2 mirrors form crisp 6-point mandalas.


Inside the object cell, you’ll find colorful beads and lampworking, many of which have been created by the artist who is also a glassblower. This amazing kaleidoscope can create an infinite number of new images and patterns due to the combination of medical grade mineral oil and vibrant beads. You’ll never be disappointed no matter how many times you pick it up.


The Kaleidoscope Details

Composed of durable plastic, the kaleidoscope features a slide closure dust cover to keep your eyepiece safe. The white tube is acrylic adorned with a bold Starry Night image. Inside are 2 mirrors, beads, lampwork, and medical grade mineral oil. It measures 9 inches tall, 2 inches in circumference at the eyepiece, and 2 ¾ inches at the turning cylinder.


Interested in seeing more about the Starry Night Color Spirit Kaleidoscope? Check out the video.

Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Charcoal

Don’t let the outside of the Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Silver fool you. It’s business on the outside and party on the inside! The simple silver tube houses brilliant colors on the inside. The black and silver provide a nice contrast and give the kaleidoscope an overall clean aesthetic. Charcoal Color Spirit Kaleidoscope

Inside the object cell are a variety of objects including glass beads, Fimo clay, and silver metal beads, which form colorful 6-point mandalas inside. The bright colors form vivid images that slide with a liquid fluidity into view. Whether you’re 9 or 90, you can’t help but admire these fantastic images. In short, you’ll be entertained for hours.

The Kaleidoscope Details

The Color Spirit Kaleidoscope measures 9 inches in length and is 2 inches in circumference around the eyepiece. The turning chamber is 2 ¾ inches in circumference. The outside of the kaleidoscope is made of durable acrylic and has a separate turning chamber. Inside the oil-filled turning chamber, you’ll find silver metal beads, Fimo clay, and handmade glass beads and 2 mirrors. The eyepiece has a dust cover with a switch to open and close it.

Interested in seeing more about the Starry Night Color Spirit Kaleidoscope? Check out the video

The Kaleidoscope Experience

Prior to using these 2 kaleidoscopes, I’d never really handled a “real kaleidoscope.” As a kid, I played with some cheap toys but that was it. For some reason, I was under the impression that this was all there was. I wasn’t aware of handmade, artistic pieces. Looking inside these 2 kaleidoscopes was a bit like going to an art museum without ever leaving my home. I suggest buying one of these. You won’t regret it.

Sue Rioux Kaleidoscopes

Sue Rioux has been creating kaleidoscopes for over 20 years and keeps getting better and better.  Her scopes incorporate dichroic and fused dichroic glass and are built with traditional copper foil stained glass techniques.

Each of her pieces is signed and dated – even her small marble kaleidoscopes.  She etches directly into the glass with a grinding tool.  Her background is in sculpture as well so she builds parlor kaleidoscopes with brass rods.  Her fusing of glass is always unique as the dichroic glass layers in so many colors to play with the light.  And her newest designs are playing with the shape of the barrel as well.  Take a look at Black Orbit.


One of my favorite designs by Sue is the Serendipity.  This kaleidoscope showcases dichroic glass and patterned dichroic glass beautifully and the barrel features many pieces fused by Sue in her kiln as well.

Kaleidoscopes: Objects that Inspire

kaleidoscopes for sale

Since Victorian times, the kaleidoscope has been the object of fascination for children and adults. A multitude of shapes and colors in ever-changing combinations provide endless entertainment through the lens. Custom exterior designs enhance the decor of any room. Fans seek out kaleidoscopes for sale as gifts or to enjoy any time.

Artists have always relished the challenge of crafting handmade kaleidoscopes. They provide amazing opportunities for creativity, from the choice of interior colors and materials to conceptualizing and executing the stunning tubes that house their colored mirrors. Contemporary designs cover a wide range of styles reflecting the visions of each artist.

Vintage kaleidoscopes span the decades, representing everything from Edwardian styles to the recognizable modernity of 1980s design. Whether they inspire a sense of personal nostalgia or romanticism about bygone eras, these kaleidoscopes offer glimpses into fascinating times and take us out of our daily routines.

Those looking for unique gift ideas will want to browse our kaleidoscopes for sale. Kaleidoscopes offer the perfect gift ideas for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, Christmas and other holidays. From the dreamer on your list for whom an ordinary gift just won’t do to a child with a budding imagination, kaleidoscopes and kaleidoscope accessories are sure to please and inspire.

Surprise Children This Christmas With Kaleidoscope Stocking Stuffers

If you’re tired of giving flavor-of-the-month gifts that cost a lot but aren’t made to last, consider something different this Christmas. Kaleidoscope stocking stuffers will make your little ones’ eyes sparkle in wonder at the colors and patterns displayed by these beautiful handmade creations.

kaleidoscope stocking stuffers

From lovely vintage styles to sleek contemporary options, kaleidoscopes of all kinds delight children and adults alike. They even make beautiful additions to any decor when they’re not in use. That’s why families pass down these stunning examples of craftsmanship and creativity from generation to generation.

Their colorful patterns and beautiful designs are the keys to their enduring appeal, but you don’t have to appreciate the artistry that went into making them to enjoy owning kaleidoscopes. We all want something that can capture the imagination and take us out of our thoughts for a little while, and kids are no exception.

This year, resist the temptation to fill your children’s stockings with trinkets and gadgets that will soon be forgotten. Kaleidoscope Stocking stuffers don’t just make fun, unique Christmas gifts. They help instill in your kids a love for well-built, carefully engineered items. This appreciation for handcrafted toys is sure to develop into a lifelong love for objects that inspire, entertain and last a lifetime.

Kaleidoscopes – Unwrapping Colorful Gift Ideas

Christmas Toys - Kaleidoscopes

What is an ideal Christmas gifts for the art lover in your life? The answer is kaleidoscopes! Kaleidoscopes are not common holiday presents anymore, so the gift of one is astonishingly ideal. Your little ones and your peers will appreciate your inspiring thoughtfulness.

Through the gift of a kaleidoscope, you demonstrate your understanding of what’s important—the individual. Furthermore, you won’t merely be offering a generic present that you could have given to anyone. Indeed, kaleidoscopes are among the few items that toddlers, senior citizens, and everyone in between can equally appreciate. To put it simply, they allow people to see the world in an entirely new and beautiful way.

Your pleasantly surprised giftee’s excitement will shine immediately upon unwrapping. After all, they will be able to peer through that instrument right away. In contrast, one would have to wait to enjoy a golf club, a pair of skis, and most other gifts. This makes kaleidoscopes ideal! Plus, if you select one of the great new, beautiful kaleidoscopes that we have to choose from, your friend, colleague, or loved one is sure to be pleased.

While many Christmas gifts are returned soon after the holiday, the kaleidoscope you give will be added to a cherished collection, set on display for years to come. Perhaps it will be handed down to future generations. Now that is a wonderful thought!

Kaleidoscopes – Geometric Art and Inspiration

Colorful kaleidoscope

For centuries, kaleidoscopes have fascinated children and adults alike. Anyone can play with this mesmerizing toy for hours, marveling at the elaborate beauty it creates. This Christmas, parents and grandparents can share the nostalgia of this magical gift with their loved ones.

As children gaze intently into the tubes, captivated by the endless array of vibrant colors and intricate patterns, they are unaware that they are actually learning something about the principles of science and math along the way. With their ability to spark creativity and encourage inquisitiveness, kaleidoscopes are excellent gifts for kids for many reasons. They are portable, mysterious, and breathtakingly beautiful, providing a continuous source of stimulating entertainment.

KaleidoscopesToYou offers more than 100 types of kaleidoscope toys, ranging from vintage to contemporary models. Our classic tin and high-gloss cardboard versions are perfect for younger children, especially those who love popular characters from “Star Wars”, Thomas the Train, and “Curious George”. Our solid wood line, kaleidoscope key chains and elegant jewelry are better suited for older children, who will appreciate the heirloom quality of these unique gifts.

Kids of all ages, from preschoolers to high school students, will also enjoy spending the blustery days of their winter break inside the house using their imaginations to build their own optical toys from our extensive line of kaleidoscope kits.

Falling for New Kaleidoscopes

Wooden kaleidoscopes

To welcome fall, we have several amazing new kaleidoscopes available. Our kaleidoscopes let you leave the world behind as you peer into a tube featuring shifting shapes, colors and designs. They also look amazing, made with a decorator’s eye to enhance the décor in any room of your home.

  • The Blue Twist is designed by Ken and Dore Wilhoite, and it is one of our unique four point star kaleidoscopes. The viewing cell features a two-mirror setup that displays diamond shaped or square images. Vividly colored glass fragments float in oil to provide a striking visual image every time you shift the cylinder.
  • Our White Iridescent Butterfly kaleidoscope blends in with the décor of a contemporary room. The beautiful kaleidoscope’s exterior is made from stained glass, and it has glass wheels filled with butterfly wings.
  • The Oil Chamber Spinner kaleidoscopes in aqua or dark blue are two of our new models. They feature lampworked glass floating in oil. Lampworked glass is melted with a torch or a lamp, and it provides a unique visual experience.
  • Ken and Dore Wilhoite also designed our Sugar Plum kaleidoscope. The creative team made the viewing piece’s exterior from plum colored ceramic. Upon looking inside, you’ll notice that it displays a circular image. It does this because it comes with a two-mirror system in the cell.


When you gaze inside a kaleidoscope, you find everyday stress slide away as you focus on the device’s color and pattern changes. Just try it for yourself to see exactly what we mean.

Kaleidoscope Gifts and More for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner – June 15th – and it’s not too late to place an order for a kaleidoscope for your pop! offers a wide array of unique and distinguished kaleidoscopes that your dad is sure to enjoy. He can put one on his desk at work or, if he is collector, add it to his collection at home! We also offer other quality gifts, such as wine accessories and marbles. Take a look at just some of our selections:

wooden kaleidoscope

This is just the tip of the iceberg; offers plenty of incredible kaleidoscope gifts and additional items that your dad will enjoy. Take a look at what we have to offer and place your order today!

Fine Wine Accessories for all Your Needs

You’ve long known that Kaleidoscopes to You is the place to go when you want a unique, quality kaleidoscope. What you probably don’t realize, however, is that we also carry gorgeous wooden wine accessories that make gorgeous additions to your home bar. Why use cheap, store-bought items to open and serve quality bottles of wine when you can make your tastings elegant with our beautiful, hand-made wooden products?

On our pages you’ll find a fine selection of wine stoppers, corkscrews and vacuum wine savers that will make any wine-drinking occasion special. We also have wooden wine accessories, such as unique bottle holders in the shape of golf clubs and surfboards that make for unique conversation pieces and are ideal to give as gifts for that wine lover in your life.

Decorative wine stoppers are a great way to keep open bottles of wine fresh and drinkable for several days. Wine drip catchers, also known as bottle collars, help keep your table linens free of that errant drop that sneaks down the side of an open bottle. Foil cutters yield a clean cut on bottles, while our quality lever corkscrews allow you to open all types of bottles safely and with little effort.

Wooden Wine Accessories

Egg-Cellant Easter Gift Ideas!

Are you looking to get creative with your child’s Easter basket this year? Sure, every little one loves the Easter Bunny to deliver brightly painted eggs and heaps of yummy, delicious chocolate, but as a parent you want to try to limit the overabundance of sweets. This Easter, instead of loading up on solid chocolate bunnies or Cadbury eggs, fill their baskets with fun and crafty items that will keep their little hands busy, such as wooden puzzles,  coloring books and crayons, stickers, watercolor paints and drawing paper, Playdoh or loom bracelet bands.

But, if you’re looking for something really unique, why not introduce your love of kaleidoscopes to a child this Easter in the form of Egg Kaleidoscopes?  Kaleidoscope Easter Gifts

  • Our Cherry Solid Wood Egg Kaleidoscope is handmade here in the United States and is filled with beautiful glass beads in a bright array of colors that are sure to dazzle your little one! This egg, which comes with a stand, is similar in size to a grade A large size egg; so perfect for a child to begin their collection with.
  • If you’re shopping on a budget, the White Marble Egg Kaleidoscope is just $24.99; making it both beautiful and affordable! This is not your Easter Bunny’s egg – the marble is smooth, the colors are bright and it comes with a bottom base for safekeeping.
  • Our newest Egg Lamented Kaleidoscope by N & J Enterprises will be an Easter basket favorite! This polished and petite wooden egg kaleidoscope is beautiful inside and out. Crafted from solid laminated woods, it brings a rich, warm exterior that perfectly complements the colors inside.

Make your child’s Easter egg-stra special this year by gifting them with a keepsake that they’ll treasure for a lifetime! Find even more fun Easter gifts at