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Highlight and Protect Your Kaleidoscopes

Whether you have a large kaleidoscope collection or are just starting out, proudly display your prized possessions with high-quality kaleidoscope accessories. Kaleidoscope stands safeguard your kaleidoscopes and put them in the spotlight. Kaleidoscope Stand

From 19th-century antique kaleidoscopes to styles from the 1980s, vintage kaleidoscopes capture the imagination with their period-specific differences. Contemporary kaleidoscopes are equally inspiring and are available in designs from a wide range of current artists. Whether you go for the intriguing styles of yesteryear or today’s exciting designs, kaleidoscope stands put the spotlight on your favorite works of art.

Highlight the unique beauty of each kaleidoscope you own with a kaleidoscope stand that’s stylish in its own right. Kaleidoscope stands are available in a wide range of materials and sizes to complement your kaleidoscopes and enhance your decor.

In addition to drawing the eye to your kaleidoscopes, stands are the perfect kaleidoscope accessories to protect your collection from harm. Stands prevent your kaleidoscopes from rolling off of flat surfaces and breaking. Kaleidoscope stands are helpful in any room, but especially in children’s bedrooms, playrooms or other living areas where active kids play. Protect your investment in handmade collectible kaleidoscopes with stands in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs.

Surprise Children This Christmas With Kaleidoscope Stocking Stuffers

If you’re tired of giving flavor-of-the-month gifts that cost a lot but aren’t made to last, consider something different this Christmas. Kaleidoscope stocking stuffers will make your little ones’ eyes sparkle in wonder at the colors and patterns displayed by these beautiful handmade creations.

kaleidoscope stocking stuffers

From lovely vintage styles to sleek contemporary options, kaleidoscopes of all kinds delight children and adults alike. They even make beautiful additions to any decor when they’re not in use. That’s why families pass down these stunning examples of craftsmanship and creativity from generation to generation.

Their colorful patterns and beautiful designs are the keys to their enduring appeal, but you don’t have to appreciate the artistry that went into making them to enjoy owning kaleidoscopes. We all want something that can capture the imagination and take us out of our thoughts for a little while, and kids are no exception.

This year, resist the temptation to fill your children’s stockings with trinkets and gadgets that will soon be forgotten. Kaleidoscope Stocking stuffers don’t just make fun, unique Christmas gifts. They help instill in your kids a love for well-built, carefully engineered items. This appreciation for handcrafted toys is sure to develop into a lifelong love for objects that inspire, entertain and last a lifetime.

The Perfect Present for Every Kaleidoscope Collector

When the holidays arrive, it’s time to think about kaleidoscope Christmas gifts for your favorite collector. Besides the traditional display, there are many other options that will bring joy to gift giving.

A creative twist on a traditional kaleidoscope is a teleidoscope. This instrument has a lens and an open view, so it forms a pattern from objects outside instead of items inside. Choose a hand-crafted, solid wood design as an elegant gift idea. The beauty and intrigue of a teleidoscope will bring about many compliments and provide hours of entertainment!


Any woman who collects kaleidoscopes will love a necklace with a teleidoscope kaleidoscope pendant! Besides adding a touch of elegance to the wardrobe, this jewelry will blend with more expensive pieces and become a family heirloom.

kaleidoscope necklace

An inexpensive and impressive gift is a pocket kaleidoscope. A person can take this piece anywhere. Instead of a bulky item that must remain at home, this product can be brought to parties or social events and used as an ice-breaker.

Unique kaleidoscope Christmas gifts make the holiday extra special, especially to an avid collector. The above items are just a sample of the available possibilities. You can see all of our kaleidoscope Christmas gifts at!

Kaleidoscope Christmas Gifts For Everyone on Your List

With the holidays approaching, it’s time to consider gift giving. It’s always difficult to choose Christmas gifts for the people who have everything. Some of the most creative ideas include kaleidoscopes. At we have gifts for people of all ages!

Kaleidoscope Christmas Gifts

  • Kaleidoscope Kits – Every child on your holiday shopping list will enjoy a kaleidoscope kit! It’s a wonderful project for the family to assemble a one-of-a-kind piece of art filled with fun gems, marbles, rocks, and dried flowers. Everything is included in one package, and once put assembled it will introduce a child to the way a kaleidoscope works. It provides hours of entertainment and awe as well!
  • Kaleidoscope Necklaces – Women love jewelry; especially when it’s unique and contains precious gemstones! On the outside, the piece appears like an ornate bauble. However, upon closer examination, a rainbow of rich colors emerges like magic. It’s a hidden secret to keep or share with friends. The handmade craftsmanship is top notch, so the necklace will become an heirloom that gets passed down through generations.
  • Stained Glass Marbles – Anyone with a desk or coffee table will appreciate a stained glass marble! Choosing a creation from Sheryl Koch will provide a beautiful conversation piece. Her “Jubilee” is crafted from walnut wood and includes three interchangeable wheels. Any kaleidoscope enthusiast will be overjoyed to add this to his or her collection.

For more unique holiday gifts, visit today!

Kaleidoscopes are Unique Pieces of Art

One of the charming things about collecting kaleidoscopes is that they come in many different shapes and sizes. As such, they are ideal to use around your home if you so choose as a piece of art, or simply as a conversation piece. Finding unique pieces of kaleidoscope art is easy at Many of the pieces featured on our pages are true works of art. Some are also one-of-a-kind kaleidoscopes that you won’t find anywhere else.

Browsing through our pages makes it easy to find a unique, new kaleidoscope to add to your collection. Many of today’s artists produce kaleidoscopes as part of their body of work. Choose from models by artists like Joanne Jacobs, Corki Weeks, Steve and Peggy Kittelson, Henry Bergeson, Jerry Farnsworth and many more. We also carry a fine selection of antique kaleidoscopes that can be expected to appreciate in value just like any other work of art.

Not only are the imagines on the interior of all of our models fluid works of art, the exteriors of many are also stunning. Imagine displaying the barrels of gorgeous stained glass or ceramic kaleidoscopes in a place of honor in your home. The delicate images on our Japanese models will bring a sense of peace. Our inventory of kaleidoscope art constantly changes so check back often for new, unique models.

Ceramic Kaleidoscopes

Collecting Kaleidoscopes is a Fun Hobby

As a kaleidoscope collector, you’re always looking for something unique to put on your shelves. Whether your passion is wooden kaleidoscopes, stained glass kaleidoscopes or another type, establishing a relationship with a retailer like Kaleidoscopes to You is essential, as you can be assured of the quality of the model you purchase. We’re also an excellent source for finding unique kaleidoscopes to add to your collection. Wooden kaleidoscopes

When beginning a kaleidoscope collection, you’ll want to start with an example of many different types, including wooden kaleidoscopes, wheel scopes, two-mirror and three-mirror models, mounted kaleidoscopes, or anything else that suits your fancy.

There is no single correct way to display your collection, as it all depends on your preferences. Some collectors display their kaleidoscopes on a series of shelves, while others scatter them throughout their homes. One fact to keep in mind, however, is to keep your models out of direct sunlight. Light and heat can cause wooden ones to crack, while those made of other materials may be prone to fading.

Although most individuals think of kaleidoscopes as a cheap toy from their childhood, they are slowly becoming an arts form with many different craftspeople creating unique models. As such, their value as an investment is not yet known, but you may assume that more unique pieces will appreciate in value.

Egg-Cellant Easter Gift Ideas!

Are you looking to get creative with your child’s Easter basket this year? Sure, every little one loves the Easter Bunny to deliver brightly painted eggs and heaps of yummy, delicious chocolate, but as a parent you want to try to limit the overabundance of sweets. This Easter, instead of loading up on solid chocolate bunnies or Cadbury eggs, fill their baskets with fun and crafty items that will keep their little hands busy, such as wooden puzzles,  coloring books and crayons, stickers, watercolor paints and drawing paper, Playdoh or loom bracelet bands.

But, if you’re looking for something really unique, why not introduce your love of kaleidoscopes to a child this Easter in the form of Egg Kaleidoscopes?  Kaleidoscope Easter Gifts

  • Our Cherry Solid Wood Egg Kaleidoscope is handmade here in the United States and is filled with beautiful glass beads in a bright array of colors that are sure to dazzle your little one! This egg, which comes with a stand, is similar in size to a grade A large size egg; so perfect for a child to begin their collection with.
  • If you’re shopping on a budget, the White Marble Egg Kaleidoscope is just $24.99; making it both beautiful and affordable! This is not your Easter Bunny’s egg – the marble is smooth, the colors are bright and it comes with a bottom base for safekeeping.
  • Our newest Egg Lamented Kaleidoscope by N & J Enterprises will be an Easter basket favorite! This polished and petite wooden egg kaleidoscope is beautiful inside and out. Crafted from solid laminated woods, it brings a rich, warm exterior that perfectly complements the colors inside.

Make your child’s Easter egg-stra special this year by gifting them with a keepsake that they’ll treasure for a lifetime! Find even more fun Easter gifts at

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Green Kaleidoscopes

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate Ireland’s favorite holiday? Kaleidoscopes to You has a great range of optical devices that make wonderful St. Patrick’s Day gifts, either for yourself or for someone close to you. These kaleidoscopes have features, such as green exteriors or a concentration of green glass pieces on the inside.

 Green Kaleidoscopes

Consider these great devices for St. Patrick’s Day gifts:

  • Mystic Rapture by Steve and Peggy Kittelson features a green rippled stained glass exterior that matches interior lamp worked glass floating in oil.
  • The Cupcake Kaleidoscope in Green by artist Joanne Jacobs is part of the Truffles kaleidoscope series that almost looks like a lacquered candle. Each is embellished with a faceted crystal at the end of the object cell, surrounded by a ring of Swarovski crystals.
  • Golden Island’s large Create-a-Scope with a shining green exterior is an inexpensive device that is ideal for children. A clear acrylic ball on the end snaps out to allow children to add their own trinkets to create unique images.

Complete customer satisfaction is our primary goal. For any questions about our unique and great kaleidoscopes, don’t hesitate to contact via phone at 1-888-454-2069 or e-mail us

Vintage Kaleidoscopes for Vintage Home Designs

Vintage KaleidoscopesDo you have a taste for all things vintage? Whether you are looking for styles that go back to the 1950s or are looking for a turn-of-the-century-styled treasure to use as a centerpiece in your living room, vintage kaleidoscopes are look great in any home! is proud to provide a wide array of vintage kaleidoscopes that are perfect people who collect vintage items.

Take a look at our selection of kaleidoscopes today and choose an amazing selection for your home today!

Discover Unique Kaleidoscopes at Kaleidoscopes To You!

Many people think of toys when they think of kaleidoscopes. But did you know that there is a large community of artisans who create fabulous unique kaleidoscopes that are truly dazzling works of art. features a variety of imaginative creations that you won’t find anywhere else. Here are some of our favorite unique kaleidoscopes.

” Stained Glass Conservatory Kaleidoscope ” Kaleidoscope artist Marc Tickle created this limited edition parlor kaleidoscope using lampworked glass, dichroic, and reverse painted glass, as well as a beautiful sculpted dragonfly. Only two of these unbelievable stained glass kaleidoscopes have been created!

” Bubinga Boxed Kaleidoscope Set ” This exquisite kaleidoscope set was created by Carol and Mark Reynolds. It includes three easy-to-swap oil killed cells that screw on and off. These cells feature blue glitter, seashells, gold glitter, dichroic glass chips, and lampworked glass. Furthermore, the kaleidoscope is sealed on both ends to ensure dust cannot get inside.

” Whirling Fantasties #4 Wooden Kaleidoscope – Created by kaleidoscope master Steve Gray, this incredible wooden kaleidoscope offers infinite options. It features a turntable carousel and three teleidoscope barrels. The modified 3-mirror system used in this creation gives you a mandala central image, as well as a mind-blowing infinite peripheral view. It even won the People’s Choice Award at the 2013 Brewster Kaleidoscope Society Convention. This creation has to be seen to believe!

Kaleidoscopes To You is your source for fun one of a kind kaleidoscopes. You can see our entire selection of unique kaleidoscopes at Which unique kaleidoscope is your favorite? Let us know by commenting below.