Kaleidoscopes in Review

When you hear the word kaleidoscope, a cheap plastic kid’s toy may come to mind. A kaleidoscope is a piece of artwork, something you can enjoy at any age. They are collectible but can also be enjoyed as a unique, one-time gift. Artisans handcraft imaginative masterpieces that often incorporate other talents from metal work to glass blowing.

Color Spirit Kaleidoscopes

What is a color spirit kaleidoscope? It’s a handmade kaleidoscope featuring an oil filled cell with at least one hand lampworked glass piece by the artist, Karl. There are many different themes in this wonderful, magical series.

Starry Night – the Kaleidoscope

Are you or someone in your life a fan of Van Gogh? If art is in your blood, then the Starry Night color spirit kaleidoscope is a masterpiece both inside and out. Adorned with Van Gogh’s starry night, the outside of the tube is only a preview of what’s to come. The white at the base and cap offer a nice contrast to the Starry Night image.

Starry Night Color Spirit Kaleidoscope

Inside you’ll find an array of rich blues, yellows, and reds mixed with a contrasting white. It’s filled with mineral oil, so you’ll see flowing, vibrant images as you slowly twist the turning chamber. The images ooze and dance in fluid motion. The 2 mirrors form crisp 6-point mandalas.


Inside the object cell, you’ll find colorful beads and lampworking, many of which have been created by the artist who is also a glassblower. This amazing kaleidoscope can create an infinite number of new images and patterns due to the combination of medical grade mineral oil and vibrant beads. You’ll never be disappointed no matter how many times you pick it up.


The Kaleidoscope Details

Composed of durable plastic, the kaleidoscope features a slide closure dust cover to keep your eyepiece safe. The white tube is acrylic adorned with a bold Starry Night image. Inside are 2 mirrors, beads, lampwork, and medical grade mineral oil. It measures 9 inches tall, 2 inches in circumference at the eyepiece, and 2 ¾ inches at the turning cylinder.


Interested in seeing more about the Starry Night Color Spirit Kaleidoscope? Check out the video.

Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Charcoal

Don’t let the outside of the Color Spirit Kaleidoscope in Silver fool you. It’s business on the outside and party on the inside! The simple silver tube houses brilliant colors on the inside. The black and silver provide a nice contrast and give the kaleidoscope an overall clean aesthetic. Charcoal Color Spirit Kaleidoscope

Inside the object cell are a variety of objects including glass beads, Fimo clay, and silver metal beads, which form colorful 6-point mandalas inside. The bright colors form vivid images that slide with a liquid fluidity into view. Whether you’re 9 or 90, you can’t help but admire these fantastic images. In short, you’ll be entertained for hours.

The Kaleidoscope Details

The Color Spirit Kaleidoscope measures 9 inches in length and is 2 inches in circumference around the eyepiece. The turning chamber is 2 ¾ inches in circumference. The outside of the kaleidoscope is made of durable acrylic and has a separate turning chamber. Inside the oil-filled turning chamber, you’ll find silver metal beads, Fimo clay, and handmade glass beads and 2 mirrors. The eyepiece has a dust cover with a switch to open and close it.

Interested in seeing more about the Starry Night Color Spirit Kaleidoscope? Check out the video

The Kaleidoscope Experience

Prior to using these 2 kaleidoscopes, I’d never really handled a “real kaleidoscope.” As a kid, I played with some cheap toys but that was it. For some reason, I was under the impression that this was all there was. I wasn’t aware of handmade, artistic pieces. Looking inside these 2 kaleidoscopes was a bit like going to an art museum without ever leaving my home. I suggest buying one of these. You won’t regret it.

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