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Top Kaleidoscopes & Kaleidoscope Products on Pinterest: January

We’re sure that we’re not alone in our obsession with Pinterest! Chances are you’re also using this amazing site to share great ideas, products and inspirations! We searched Pinterest far and wide to uncover what Kaleidoscope fans have been pinning the most. Here are our top 5 kaleidoscopes and kaleidoscope products on Pinterest.

1. This stunning Kaleidoscope and Ferris wheel statue is the perfect addition to any table or cabinet. Always imagine the boardwalk when you look at this gorgeous statue!
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2. This Purple Beta 447 stained glass kaleidoscope by Charles Karadimos is a rare piece of art. This stunning kaleidoscope was crafted between 1987 and 1994 is an excellent addition to any kaleidoscope collection. This is truly an awe inspiring work of art
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3. This Modern Glass Art, “Mermaids Dream Kaleidoscope” by Joanne Flatow-Jacobs is a stunning work of art. We can’t help but imagine swimming in the ocean when we look at this. The blues of this scope mimic the water of the ocean so well.
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What are some of your favorite pin-worthy kaleidoscope products at KaleidoscopesToYou.com?

Value of Kaleidoscopes

Value is a concept I’ve been thinking about recently. Value is not the price you pay but what greater benefits you receive for the product for which you parted with some of your treasure.
We are often asked what creates a great value in a kaleidoscope. Value comes from quality materials, good construction, an aesthetic quality that is personal as well as the rarity of the piece.
Some friends were Facebook chatting about a $50 butter dish from a high end kitchen retailer. For $50, you could select a Spirit Kaleidoscope by the Collier Studios. This scope creates great value by using ABS plastic for the housing and FeMo clay for the interior object cells. No skimping on the mirror system or optics however and you have a great scope with a 2 mirror system.
by the Colliers”]Charcoal Spirit Interior Image by the Colliers[/caption]

Spirit Kaleidoscope by the Colliers

Spirit Kaleidoscope by the Colliers

For $100 (or a bit more), you can get a decent pair of shoes. For that same price, you could select a fabulous stained glass kaleidoscope by a number of artists such as Kathleen Hunt, David Sugich or Joanne Jacobs.

For $200, you can have a great meal in a great restaurant with fabulous wine. Or you can have an extraordinary signed, unique piece of art by Judith Paul or kaleidoscope jewelry by the Healy’s.

Healy Sterling Silver Kaleidoscope Necklaces

Healy Sterling Silver Kaleidoscope Necklaces

So value is your own personal judgment as to what is precious to you. Here at Kaleidoscopes To You, we search out the best values in scopes so that you have the best balance of optics, art and price in your kaleidoscopic experience.