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Kaleidoscopes: A Road to Creativity

Kaleidoscopes are known for their beautiful color swirling illusions, but these amazing devices can truly open your creative mind while also sharpening your critical thinking skills. Most users view a kaleidoscope with their dominate eye, but switching the scope to your non-dominant eye can actually stimulate the right hemisphere of the brain, where creativity hides. By changing our perception while looking through a kaleidoscope, we can unlock the creativity that hides in our right hemisphere! This is extremely beneficial for those who are involved in any type of art-form from writers to painters.

When people are able to think critically, they are more capable to manage stressful life situations. Health, work and family problems are easier to tackle when our minds are clear and able to problem solve at a higher level. A kaleidoscope has the power of opening our minds to be able to think more clearly and explore alternatives to problems that can ultimately benefit us.

It’s been said that looking through a kaleidoscope can help expand thinking and make a person more creative by helping the user relax and calm their nerves. It’s amazing to think a kaleidoscope has the power to help our minds de-stress and unlock creativity that might be hidden inside our minds. Not only are kaleidoscopes a delight to look at, they are great secret healers that help people relax, focus, aid in creativity and help us solve our problems much more effectively .If you need to reduce stress, lift your spirit and bring balance into your hectic life, consider buying a beautiful handcrafted kaleidoscope! The benefits of these pieces of art is truly amazing!

What Everyone Needs To Know About Buying the Perfect Kaleidoscope

The kaleidoscope has been a popular and magnificent gift since it was invented by Sir David Brewster in the 1800s. Since then, kaleidoscopes have evolved from a basic tube with a pair of mirrors and beads, to more stylish models with endless color variations and patterns. With all kinds of options available, we provided a guide on how to buy the perfect kaleidoscope for yourself or that special someone.

” For whom are you buying a Kaleidoscope? If the kaleidoscope is for a child, then inexpensive toy models with vibrant colors are recommended. If you are buying for an adult or yourself, then look for higher quality models with clear and crisp images. Try to choose one with a stylish exterior, so it can be beautifully displayed at home.
” Are you buying for a collector? Are you purchasing a kaleidoscope for someone with a collection, or will he or she be a first time owner? Try to give collectors a model that is new to them. If he has several brass kaleidoscopes, order him a chrome one. If this is your first kaleidoscope purchase, try shopping for hand crafted wooden styles that are affordable and look elegant when displayed on a coffee table.
” Speak with professionals. Kaleidoscopes To You has a dedicated customer service team that will help you with your special purchase.
” Do you want it engraved? Kaleidoscopes already are an art in themselves, but adding a touch of personalization can make them even more special. Whether it’s someone’s name, a company name, or even a brief message, engraved kaleidoscopes are perfect for adding another level of thoughtfulness.

Kaleidoscopes are a fantastic gift for any occasion. We have hundreds of beautifully crafted kaleidoscopes for sale that will leave users in awe at the delightful magic they create.

Unique Wedding or Engagement Gifts

Summer is here, that means the heat is in the air and one more thing too….love! Summer time is full of wedding and engagements. Summer weddings are beautiful, especially outside with all the greenery and beautiful backdrops. It’s also the perfect time for a backyard engagement party, or to have one out on the patio or deck of a beautiful restaurant. However, as the guests to these many weddings and engagement parties, it can be difficult to find unique and memorable gifts. We already discussed the beautiful option of kaleidoscope jewelry as one unique wedding gift, but we have many more items available that are the perfect gifts for wedding and engagement parties of unique or interesting couples.

One beautiful option is the wide selection of Fenton Art Glass available right here at KaleidoscopesToYou.com. We offer over 50 pieces of beautiful Fenton Art Glass, including everything from decorative vases to various animals, birthstone bears, bells, ring holders, bowls and music boxes. If you are attending the wedding or engagement of a couple who loves art, or blown glass, or think they would appreciate a lovely piece of Fenton Art Glass, then we have a piece we know they would love. It’s also a wonderful way to get them something unique that they can treasure for years to come.

We also offer another unique wedding or engagement gift for the loving couples, wedding kaleidoscopes. The wedding kaleidoscopes represent a marriage of two different viewpoints that are seamlessly merged into one. Our wedding kaleidoscopes are a wonderful gift for a newlywed couple, especially those who are more eccentric, or who love interesting items. They will never forget who gave them such a unique gift on their big day. Our wedding kaleidoscopes come in a lovely gift box ready to be gifted, and also have an engravable brass plate that can be included for an additional cost and a longer delivery time.

Visit KaleidoscopesToYou.com to see our entire collection of Kaleidoscopes for sale, from favors, wedding gifts, toys, and much more!

What’s the most memorable gift that you received at your wedding or engagement party?

Give a One-of-a-Kind Wedding Gift – Kaleidoscope Jewelry

Summer is wedding season. That means you will be attending a number of weddings in the next few months, and you will also need to buy wedding gifts to take along with you. Wedding gifts can be so boring, a blender here, a bed set there. If you are tired of buying gifts on the registry that scream “dull,” than think outside of the registry. Purchase a gift that is one-of-a-kind and will be treasured by the bride for years to come.

Kaleidoscope jewelry is perfect for a fun and unique bride. Wrap it with a wonderful note to give it some special meaning. Describe the beautiful changing colors of the kaleidoscope to represent their marriage. The colors are always vibrant and bright, like their love, but always changing, just like their relationship. However, it always puts a smile on your face and has a magical way of lighting up your eyes. The kaleidoscope jewelry gift is the perfect comparison to their future relationship. Remind her that although the times will always change, there is always magic and beauty to be found in their love. When needed, she should take a look inside the kaleidoscope for a glimpse at a beautiful future and life together that the two are sure to share.

At KaleidescopesToYou.com, we offer a number of different styles and prices in our selection of kaleidoscope jewelry. Some pieces are crafted from sterling silver, gold plated, or aluminum, while others from antique pewter. Certain pieces include gemstones, like the necklaces, but we also offer a number of brooches and earrings. You are sure to find the perfect piece of kaleidoscope jewelry for the next special bride whose wedding you attend.

The Perfect Summer Favor: Kaleidoscopes

Summer is here and so are the parties. The weather is perfect for outdoor bridal showers or children’s birthday parties. With parties all the time in the beautiful summer weather, it can sometimes be hard for your party to stand out and be unique. We have the perfect solution. To be sure that guests remember your party above all the rest, send them home with a unique favor, a kaleidoscope.

The kaleidoscope is perfect as a favor for a number of different events this summer. Give them to all the children at a child’s birthday. They will be mesmerized by the beautiful, changing colors and mom and dad will be happy that it’s not more sugary treats. They are perfect for a fun rainbow themed party, even a pirate party as a colorful little pirate scope. No matter what the theme, the kids will love their new kaleidoscope that will keep them entertained for hours to come. As for bridal showers or baby showers, kaleidoscopes are another wonderful favor for guests. Don’t send them home with sweets they don’t eat, or useless little trinkets. Let your guests enjoy the wonders and amazement of a kaleidoscope party favor. Guests will be sure to talk about your unique favors for weeks to come. The summer is full of bright and beautiful colors, so why not take advantage to play on those colors with a wonderful kaleidoscope favor.

To add that extra special touch to your kaleidoscope favor, you can personalize them yourself. There is a link available that allows you to download and print designs to attach to the exterior of the kaleidoscope to say thank you to your guests or to personalize them for each guest. We also offer kaleidoscopes that we can personally customize with your name or image for any event or party. To impress your guests even more, you can have the date or your name printed on the inside of the kaleidoscope. This allows the guests to see the name or date as they enjoy the array of colors of their kaleidoscope.

Make your next event stand out with a kaleidoscope favor from KaleidoscopesToYou.com. Find all your kaleidoscope needs, including toys and custom kaleidoscopes along with kaleidoscope jewelry and many more unique gift ideas.

3 Tips to Make Your Business Stand Out

Competition is intense no matter what industry your small business falls into. The goal for any business, large or small, is to be noticed and remembered over the competition. One way to do this is through unique branding products or services.

So, how do you promote your business is ways that are memorable and can help convert possible customers. We suggest three ways for unique branding to get your name in the hands of as many people of possible, and more importantly, to be remembered in a positive light.

1. Personalized Kaleidoscopes as Corporate Gifts

” Don’t send important clients or hopeful employees or customers home with boring pens and stress balls, send them home with a kaleidoscope with your business logo and information on it. That client or employee will be impressed with such a unique gift. More importantly, they are sure to remember your business at the top of their mind for future reference. Such items are also perfect for giveaways at various corporate or community events.

2. Social Media
” Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are beginning to play larger roles in the success of many businesses, especially small businesses. These social media sites allow small business to create a community around their brand and create relationships with their clients. The closer a customer or potential customer feels to a business, or feels that the business truly cares, the more likely they are to convert to actual customers and be loyal customers.

3. Be Personal
” So many businesses seem so distant and far from personal. Be sure to connect with your clients and customers on a personal basis as much as possible. Send holiday gifts or coupons, send emails for their birthdays, etc. Customers don’t want to give their money to cold, money hungry business executives, they rather support small, caring, and personable business that care about them. Loyalty is the biggest way to make your company stand out in the eyes of customers and future clients. Loyal customers are the best form of advertising there is.

How do you make your business stand out in the minds of customers and potential customers?

Art and Summer Kaleidoscope projects

Love summer with all its spontaneity. We started our first creative project with the kids in April. We were inspired by the Trashtastic Yard Art competition at the Charles H MacNider Art Museum. Our family started the concept of building a pedestal outdoor kaleidoscope from recycled parts.

Karl took one child to the Saab Graveyard at Meyer Saab. There they found gaskets for the eyepiece and a fabulous transmission gear shaft that makes up the central part of the pedestal. Karl took our other child to another junkyard where even more parts were found. The next evening, I did a U Turn to pull a couple of ceramic urns out of a ditch. Those are in the backyard because they just didn’t fit the scope.

Extra parts from a C Bennett liquid suspension object cell were adapted into the these car parts with a new, longer mirror system. This YouTube video is of the scope from which we scavenged the object cell. Flag Liquid Suspension Kaleidoscope by C Bennett

A couple of old disc blades out of my Dad’s farm machine shop and an AWESOME rusty capitol column also found in a dusty corner…..

Funky Junky Trashtastic Kaleidoscope

Funky Junky Trashtastic Kaleidoscope

So we invite you to come explore the arts in North Iowa with us either in person or virtual! We also have another little hidden gem here in North Iowa. The Unionhurst Gallery is the only gallery in the world that features the paintings of Atlanta Sampson.

And a fabulous renovation has reopened the last standing designed hotel by Frank Lloyd Wright; the Historic Park Inn. At Kaleidoscopes To You, we may be out in the middle of a cornfield, but we are surrounded by diverse history and art.

Art Inspired by Spring Weather and Breezes

Springtime! It came early to us at Kaleidoscopes To You. March was the warmest on record here.

Tulips are blooming and the lilacs are budding a full month early. Azaleas here usually bloom on Mother’s Day. Azaleas were in full bloom on Palm Sunday this year!

The Cherry Blossom Kaleidoscopes are fabulous scope to celebrate the rebirth of spring.

Peggy and Steve Kittleson create an incredible kaleidoscope with Cherry Blossoms inside and out.

Cherry Blossom Glass Kaleidoscope by Kittlesons

Cherry Blossom Glass Kaleidoscope by Kittlesons

Interior Sculpted Cherry Blossom interior image

Interior Sculpted Cherry Blossom interior image

Here’s a link to some video of this incredible scope.
Cherry Blossom Kaleidoscope by Kittlesons at Kaleidoscopes To You

Now as gorgeous as the Kittleson’s version of the Cherry Blossom is, it does not fit every shopping budget. We have another Cherry Blossom kaleidoscope that does fit any budget. Collier Studios has created a version of the Spirit Kaleidoscope that features the Cherry Blossom theme also.

Collier Cherry Blossom Exterior

Collier Cherry Blossom Exterior

Collier Cherry Blossom Interior Image

Collier Cherry Blossom Interior Image

As winter fades away and spring takes hold, we are inspired to try new things. Being involved with art, color and movement, beautiful art mobiles are a new item we are beginning to feature. Joel Hotchkiss has incredbly well crafted and well balanced mobiles that dance ever so slightly with the air movement in your home or office.

Lumen in Green by Joel Hotchkiss

Lumen in Green by Joel Hotchkiss

Lumen Kinetic Art by Joel Hotchkiss at Kaleidoscopes To You

What’s New and Happening at Kaleidoscopes To You in March!

Here at Kaleidoscopes To You, we’re always delighted to see the new and different pieces of art that come to us!

We develop a new section each month just to highlight what came in. This section will have a mix of inexpensive toys and very high end, one of a kind pieces that even blow us away!

Here’s a quick overview of the What’s new for March 2012

Since it’s March, one must have a Green Kaleidoscope for Saint Patrick’s Day! So here’s one of the best!

Green Cone Kaleidoscope by Charles Karadimos

Green Cone Kaleidoscope by Charles Karadimos

Karadimos Green Cone Kaleidoscope at Kaleidoscopes To You

Watch the video at this link above to see the Amazing and Intricate Green Kaleidoscopic images. This one is better than a pot of gold!

Then also new for March, we have a fabulous new etched aluminum kaleidoscope. This has a sleek modern feel that makes for a fabulous corporate gift! Engraving onto a coordinating rosewood base is a great option too!

Aluminum Etched Kaleidoscope on engraved base

Aluminum Etched Kaleidoscope on engraved base

Etched Aluminum Kaleidoscope with Velvet Pouch

Etched Aluminum Kaleidoscope with Velvet Pouch


So much has happened this week.

In preparing for Thanksgiving, there’s always the turkey and how many places to set at the table.
At work, we are always gearing up form Black Monday being etailers.

But this year, my family is grateful. We will all be together. After a “surprise” open heart surgery, my father will be coming home tomorrow.

Here we are all together in the shop in 2007.

Jean and her Family

Jean and her Family

This Thanksgiving will have special meaning of family

Grateful prayers go out to the incredible teams at Mayo Clinic and Saint Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, MN. Special shout outs to Drs. Evans and Park and Michelle Squared. (His double team of RN’s in ICU named Michelle and Michelle!)