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Kaleidoscope Artists Highlight: Carol and Mark Reynolds

It takes special artistry to design a kaleidoscope. The word itself is a combination of the Greek words kalos, eidos and scopos, literally translated to mean beautiful form watcher.

The Science behind the Kaleidoscope

A basic kaleidoscope is made of two or three mirrors or reflective surfaces, forming a V. The assembly is encased in a tube, and various small objects are positioned at one end while a peek hole is centered at the opposite end. Precisely positioned mirrors will create more precise symmetrical reflections with the images changing each time one looks through the eye-hole.

wooden kaleidoscope

The Artistry Behind Kaleidoscopes

The images created in a kaleidoscope are only one part of the artistry. The cases can be carved from special wood and customized with embellishments.

Kaleidoscope artists Mark and Carol Reynolds have kept the tradition alive by creating the finest quality kaleidoscopes that are true collector’s items if not works of art.

For instance, the Wooden Kaleidoscope, Handheld in Walnut Wood #1 is carved from maple burl with a colorful inlaid design. The interior chamber is black to create a brilliant kaleidoscope.

The Zebra Wood Handheld #1 is 12 inches long. Using carefully chosen bobbles and glass pieces contained in an oil-filled cell, the resulting imagery is brilliant, and it changes with every movement of the kaleidoscope.

Artists Mark and Carol Reynolds have taken kaleidoscope design to a new level with premium quality cases housing some of the most dazzling images.

Discover Unique Kaleidoscopes at Kaleidoscopes To You!

Many people think of toys when they think of kaleidoscopes. But did you know that there is a large community of artisans who create fabulous unique kaleidoscopes that are truly dazzling works of art. KaleidoscopesToYou.com features a variety of imaginative creations that you won’t find anywhere else. Here are some of our favorite unique kaleidoscopes.

” Stained Glass Conservatory Kaleidoscope ” Kaleidoscope artist Marc Tickle created this limited edition parlor kaleidoscope using lampworked glass, dichroic, and reverse painted glass, as well as a beautiful sculpted dragonfly. Only two of these unbelievable stained glass kaleidoscopes have been created!

” Bubinga Boxed Kaleidoscope Set ” This exquisite kaleidoscope set was created by Carol and Mark Reynolds. It includes three easy-to-swap oil killed cells that screw on and off. These cells feature blue glitter, seashells, gold glitter, dichroic glass chips, and lampworked glass. Furthermore, the kaleidoscope is sealed on both ends to ensure dust cannot get inside.

” Whirling Fantasties #4 Wooden Kaleidoscope – Created by kaleidoscope master Steve Gray, this incredible wooden kaleidoscope offers infinite options. It features a turntable carousel and three teleidoscope barrels. The modified 3-mirror system used in this creation gives you a mandala central image, as well as a mind-blowing infinite peripheral view. It even won the People’s Choice Award at the 2013 Brewster Kaleidoscope Society Convention. This creation has to be seen to believe!

Kaleidoscopes To You is your source for fun one of a kind kaleidoscopes. You can see our entire selection of unique kaleidoscopes at KaleidoscopesToYou.com. Which unique kaleidoscope is your favorite? Let us know by commenting below.