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Top Kaleidoscopes & Kaleidoscope Products on Pinterest: May

I don’t know about you, but we’re always looking to Pinterest for new and interesting products and ideas. Whether it’s home décor or a DIY project, whenever we’re looking to inspire our creative side, Pinterest is the place to go. Pinterest is full of pinteresting kaleidoscopes and other fascinating products from KaleidoscopesToYou.com. Just look at these trending kaleidoscope pins!

1. Created by Kaleidoscope artists, Jon Greene and Janice Chesnik, the Supernova Kaleidoscope is a wonderful work of art. Sitting atop a carefully crafted walnut stand, this kaleidoscope would look wonderful decorating any room in your home or office!
Pinned by: http://pinterest.com/karankalie1/

2. This Gemstone Amber Kaleidoscope is part of Sue Rioux’s Gem Stone kaleidoscope collection. The beautiful pattern is reminiscent of a giraffe, and when you look through the lens you’ll love the colorful earth tone patterns.
Pinned by: http://pinterest.com/bdufeck/

3. Get lost in the colorful designs of a handmade glass marble by Jody Fine. Each marble is glass blown, so no two are the same!
Pinned by: http://pinterest.com/humestudio/

4. Having a children’s birthday party? These novelty kaleidoscopes are the perfect favors! Pinned to a board filled with Cat in the Hat birthday ideas, this pinner may be on to some interesting party ideas!
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What kaleidoscopes have you been pinning? Let us know with a comment, and maybe your pin will be featured in our next Pinteresting blog post!

Top Kaleidoscopes & Kaleidoscope Products on Pinterest: January

We’re sure that we’re not alone in our obsession with Pinterest! Chances are you’re also using this amazing site to share great ideas, products and inspirations! We searched Pinterest far and wide to uncover what Kaleidoscope fans have been pinning the most. Here are our top 5 kaleidoscopes and kaleidoscope products on Pinterest.

1. This stunning Kaleidoscope and Ferris wheel statue is the perfect addition to any table or cabinet. Always imagine the boardwalk when you look at this gorgeous statue!
Pinned By: http://pinterest.com/MiRandee/)

2. This Purple Beta 447 stained glass kaleidoscope by Charles Karadimos is a rare piece of art. This stunning kaleidoscope was crafted between 1987 and 1994 is an excellent addition to any kaleidoscope collection. This is truly an awe inspiring work of art
Pinned By: http://pinterest.com/mwingfield711/

3. This Modern Glass Art, “Mermaids Dream Kaleidoscope” by Joanne Flatow-Jacobs is a stunning work of art. We can’t help but imagine swimming in the ocean when we look at this. The blues of this scope mimic the water of the ocean so well.
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What are some of your favorite pin-worthy kaleidoscope products at KaleidoscopesToYou.com?