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What’s New at Kaleidoscopes To You This September?

This autumn, fall in love with our latest harvest of kaleidoscopes! We are constantly scouring the kaleidoscope world, and communicating regularly with the hottest designers in order to bring you the best selection of funky, fun, and new kaleidoscope styles, including vintage models that never go out of style.  This month’s new kaleidoscopes are no exception, especially the exquisite stained glass kaleidoscope series by Joanne Jacobs.

Wooden Kaleidoscopes

  • The Pièce de résistance that will have every kaleidoscope lover drooling is the stained glass kaleidoscope collection brought to us by the ever-talented Joanne Jacobs.  There are currently four unique and visually-stunning varieties, embellished with a faceted crystal at the end of the object cell, which is surrounded by a radiant ring of sparking Swarovski crystals. “Cappuccino” is a unique and visually-stunning glass piece that is truly a work of art!
  • If vintage is your forte then this 1983 “Handheld Dry Cell” by artist Peach Reynolds will captivate you. The orange hue inside the colorful tube is a perfect reflection of the autumn colors.
  • Are you a nature lover? If so, combine kaleidoscopes and the great outdoors, with the latest wooden kaleidoscopes from Peggy and Steve Kittelson. Made from solid maple, each piece in the Sierra Series is unique because of the character markings in the wood.

Visit KaleidoscopesToYou.com today to browse our entire collection of new kaleidoscopes.

What’s New at Kaleidoscopes To You This August?

This month we have a fantastic selection of new kaleidoscopes to share! Not only will they delight you with beautiful, endlessly shifting images, they’re also lovely enough to grace any mantle, table or desk.

  • The showpiece this month is Steven Gray’s Phantom. The exceptional outer design and stunning inner display drew enough attention at this year’s Brewster International Kaleidoscope Society Convention to win the People’s Choice Award. It’s a limited edition, so don’t miss out!

    Steven Gray Kaleidoscope

    Steven Gray’s Phantom

  • If you enjoy wooden kaleidoscopes, take a look at Twilight 2 by Shelley and Randy Knapp. It uses an oil-filled cell and two-mirror system to create beautiful five-point mandala images.
  • For an international flair, try works by German kaleidoscope artist Lothar Lempp. These compact kaleidoscopes are beautifully made with exteriors of inlaid wood and dry cells, featuring hand lamp-worked glass. We also have a gorgeous French vintage kaleidoscope by Apres la Pluie with handmade paper exterior and real glass pieces.
  • Steve and Peggy Kittelson bring us a collection of beautiful and colorful Mystic Rapture kaleidoscopes with slumped-glass exteriors and combinations of dichroic, flame-worked and lamp-worked glass creating dramatic images.
  • Don’t miss Judith Paul’s new interchangeable kaleidoscopes! You’ll enjoy a seemingly endless array of beauty by exchanging multiple oil-filled cells within a single body. Each kaleidoscope comes with one puck.

We’re sure you’ll love the selection of new kaleidoscopes available at KaleidoscopesToYou.com this month. Choose yours today!

What’s New at Kaleidoscopes to You this July?

The lazy, hazy days of summer are a great time to kick back and enjoy some of the new kaleidoscopes available at Kaleidoscopes To You. We have a great selection of beautiful models in all prices ranges that will keep you busy for hours.

New Kaleidoscopes

  • The gorgeous Double Up 2-2014 by kaleidoscope artist Corki Weeks is one we handpicked personally on a visit to Corki’s studio earlier this summer. We are honored to have a limited number of models of her rare work.
  • Another stunning Corki Weeks model is Dress Up 2014, featuring a unique mirror system and a barrel decorated with vintage dresses.
  • Flower lovers will want to take a look at the Wild Iris Kaleidoscope. The 12th model in a series of 25 by Steve and Peggy Kittelson, this beautiful kaleidoscope features an incredible scope of glass on the interior and exterior.
  • Our new kaleidoscopes also include the Kittelsons’ Mystic Rapture, which has a pink sherbet slumped stained glass exterior. The exterior matches the interior worked glass, which floats in an oil cell. This stunning kaleidoscope also features glitter dichroic glass and a two-mirror system that creates a mandala with seven points.
  • The colorful and amazing Cosmic kaleidoscope by Carol and Tom Paretti has an interior image that mimics the view when looking down a tunnel.

Many of these new kaleidoscope models have limited quantities, so don’t delay! Visit KaleidoscopesToYou.com and shop our large selection of new kaleidoscopes today!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Green Kaleidoscopes

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate Ireland’s favorite holiday? Kaleidoscopes to You has a great range of optical devices that make wonderful St. Patrick’s Day gifts, either for yourself or for someone close to you. These kaleidoscopes have features, such as green exteriors or a concentration of green glass pieces on the inside.

 Green Kaleidoscopes

Consider these great devices for St. Patrick’s Day gifts:

  • Mystic Rapture by Steve and Peggy Kittelson features a green rippled stained glass exterior that matches interior lamp worked glass floating in oil.
  • The Cupcake Kaleidoscope in Green by artist Joanne Jacobs is part of the Truffles kaleidoscope series that almost looks like a lacquered candle. Each is embellished with a faceted crystal at the end of the object cell, surrounded by a ring of Swarovski crystals.
  • Golden Island’s large Create-a-Scope with a shining green exterior is an inexpensive device that is ideal for children. A clear acrylic ball on the end snaps out to allow children to add their own trinkets to create unique images.

Complete customer satisfaction is our primary goal. For any questions about our unique and great kaleidoscopes, don’t hesitate to contact KaleidoscopesToYou.com via phone at 1-888-454-2069 or e-mail us

What’s New at Kaleidoscopes To You – November

This month we have a variety of new products to offer from some of your favorite kaleidoscope artists, including Steve and Peggy Kittelson, John Culver, Joanne Jacobs, and more! Below are some of our favorite new products this month.

1. Goose Egg Art Kaleidoscopes ” Created by Frank Casciani, these egg kaleidoscopes are stunning pieces of artwork. Choose from the blue glitter egg kaleidoscope and the gold glitter egg kaleidoscope.
2. Vintage Marblescope Kaleidoscope ” With amazing detail and beautiful designs, this vintage kaleidoscope by artist John Culver is a beautiful addition to any kaleidoscope collection.
3. Serendipity Stained Glass Kaleidoscope ” Designed by Sue Rioux, this stunning kaleidoscope features two separate mirror systems housed in one sculpture. You’ll love looking through this masterpiece at the beautiful designs.
4. Single Daisy Kaleidoscope ” Spring may be gone, but Steve and Peggy Kittelson want you to be in a spring mood all year long with this single daisy kaleidoscope. Designed using an oil filled cell, and filled with an assortment of glass pieces, this kaleidoscope gives off a beautiful selection of shimmering designs.
5. Spiral Kaleidoscope Necklace ” Kaleidscopes aren’t just for display in your home or office. You can also display them on your neck with this stunning piece of kaleidoscope jewelry by artists Deborah and Kevin Healy.

You can see all of our new products for November at KaleidoscopesToYou.com. Make sure to check back with us next month to see what new products we have for December.

Into the Looking Glass – A Kaleidoscope Artist Spotlight: Steve & Peggy Kittelson

When it comes to intricately designed stained glass kaleidoscopes. The work of Steve and Peggy Kittelson stands out from the rest. This husband and wife duo has been turning out award winning kaleidoscopes for years. Active members of the Brewster Kaleidoscope Society since 1986, Peggy and Steve have received numerous awards for their colorful and exquisitely crafted designs.

After years of perfecting his craft, Steve is now a master of glass fusing and creating seamless mirror systems. The quality of the images his mirrors create is remarkably crisp and clear, making for perfect images and incredible fields of color.

Peggy Kittelson specializes in the handmade glass beadwork floating in the oil filled object chambers of each kaleidoscope. Her imaginative use of color and form create fantastic combinations of color and texture in every piece they create.

Together, the Kittelson’s work offers kaleidoscope lovers some of the finest views available. Their stained glass kaleidoscopes come in a variety of finishes, from marbled looking glass to mosaic styled pieces. They even offer decorative kaleidoscopes that are adorned with glass figures of flowers, cats, and more. Whether you’re looking for a standard sized kaleidoscope or a larger parlor kaleidoscope, Peggy and Steve Kittelson have you covered with some of the finest stained glass kaleidoscopes available anywhere.

Introducing June’s Popular New Kaleidoscopes

The enchantment and wonder of childhood takes on new hues from the right perspective. Nearly everyone remembers the experience of looking through a kaleidoscope as a child, and that same view is now available with new kaleidoscopes for June 2013. There’s a perfect selection for every child and adult in your life with these high-quality kaleidoscopes that are built to last and be visually appealing.

Antique Feel with Wooden Kaleidoscopes – The original construction of these toys used an oil chamber, and you’ll find that same old-time design with the kaleidoscopes in this category. These handmade gems from Arny Weinstein, Glen Straub, Steve and Peggy Kittelson and other artists are built to last and add a touch of nostalgia to your home decor. Beyond the traditional hand-held designs, you’ll also find wooden kaleidoscopes with carved stands, brass trim and display stands.

Modern Attractions – Some artists have introduced radically different designs that are sure to add pleasure to a contemporary home and office decor. Cat lovers will enjoy the Kattitude stained glass kaleidoscope. Vintage ceramic pieces and modern takes on older reproductions are also available. Gloria Weeks offers new kaleidoscopes as jewelry with gold and silver elephants that is sure to draw attention and spark conversations amongst your friends!

You can find these and many more kaleidoscopes when you shop online at KaleidoscopesToYou.com.