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What’s New At Kaleidoscopes To You This June?

New Kaleidosocopes

You’ve been looking forward to the arrival of June for a variety of reasons, many of which include warmer days, the opening of your swimming pool and summer vacations. However, we both know that priority numero uno is the unveiling of the newest kaleidoscopes from KaleidscopesToYou.com! Never one to disappoint, June’s batch is here and sure to get your color wheel spinning.  This month’s collection of new kaleidoscopes includes:

Stained Glass Kaleidoscope, “Pod in Orange # 10” – This unique stained glass kaleidoscope is the first in a wonderful new “K Pod Series” by artist Charles Karadimos.

Stained Glass Kaleidoscopes “Serendipity # 59 “ – This unique work of art by artist Sue Rioux is a must-have for every kaleidoscope collector. “Serendipity #59” isn’t your ordinary kaleidoscope. It features two separate mirror systems; all housed in one beautiful stained glass and dichroic glass kaleidoscope sculpture, with the object cell a barrel design.

Vintage Kaleidoscope VanCort Reproduction # 1784 – Ahoy, Matey! If you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind piece as a decoration for your home or to supplement your collection, this elegant reproduction of the Bush parlor kaleidoscope by Van Cort Instruments is prefect!

Butterfly Mariposa in Stained Glass – Artist Sue Rioux’s genius knows no bounds as evidenced by this elegant blue dichroic glass butterfly creation.  This butterfly mariposa iridescent stained glass kaleidoscope is a must-have for any butterfly fan!

Vintage Kaleidoscope “Burgundy Dry Cell” – If vintage artwork is your forte than this beautiful early 1980’s kaleidoscope by artists Peach Reynolds will make the perfect addition to your collection.

At KaleidoscopesToYou.com we’re always on the search for the best and brightest kaleidoscopes. Check back often, as we update our selection frequently throughout the month!

What’s New at Kaleidoscopes To You in April?

We recently received a new shipment of great new kaleidoscopes in which we’re sure you’ll be interested. After all, where else can you find such a great collection of these beautiful optical devices except at Kaleidoscopes to you? New Kaleidoscopes - April 2014

This month’s collection of new kaleidoscopes includes:

  • String of Pearls, a stunning device by Judith Paul and Tom Durden embellished with a net of pearls on the barrel.
  • Marblescope in Black Texture Glass by Sue Rioux looks like it is made of small bubbles.
  • Ideal for placement in a nautically themed room, the Beach Glass Kaleidoscope in Greens has real beach glass on the exterior, as well as in the prism.
  • Give that special child with a spring birthday the Frogs and Toads Kaleidoscope by Gemini, featuring colorful drawings of these creatures on the outside with an array of colorful beads for viewing on the interior.
  • Our latest vintage offering is 1998 Rainsong by Luc and Sallie Durette, with a finely crafted wooden exterior.

Kaleidoscopes to You constantly adds new inventory. Check our pages often for the latest in collectible and toy kaleidoscopes to give as gifts or for yourself.

What’s New at Kaleidoscopes to You in March?

March ushers in spring and with it a magnificent new selection of kaleidoscopes at Kaleidoscopes To You! The latest stained glass kaleidoscopes by Sue Rioux, as well as vintage pieces by Doug Johnson will make a stunning addition to your kaleidoscope collection! There is something for every kaleidoscope collector and enthusiast in this month’s newest editions.

March Kaleidoscopes

  • The “Tanoshii” wooden kaleidoscope by Randy and Shelley Knapp is a true work of art! This unique piece features a solid wood body, and is filled with beautiful bright colors in the hand lamp.
  • Every kaleidoscope collector should own at least one glass marble piece. Sue Rioux brings us two new “mini” styles in blue and pewter and white. At only $72, these glass marble kaleidoscopes are a great price for such magnificent colors inside each beautifully vibrant marble.
  • Choose from our new selection of rare and wonderful vintage kaleidoscopes. These gems are over 20 years old, but are in mint condition. Take home a piece of history with these rare relics.
  • You’ll be enraptured with “Paula’s Rapture” stained glass kaleidoscope by Steve and Peggy Kittelson! Made to represent the quilting works of Paula Nadelstern, this stained glass kaleidoscope features a two mirror system that looks into an oil filled cell featuring tiny pieces of dichroic and handmade delicate framework glass.

Check out our entire line of new kaleidoscopes at KaleidoscopesToYou.com today and visit use at the beginning of April for even more new products.

What’s New at Kaleidoscopes To You in February?

At Kaleidoscopes to You, we’re constantly search for the most unique optical devices available that you can buy for yourself or give as gifts. We recently received shipment of great new kaleidoscope models, which are not only extremely beautiful, but also traditionally some of the most sought after stained glass kaleidoscopes.

New Kaleidoscopes

Take a look at some of our wonderful new products:

  • The Heat Lightning Kaleidoscope by kaleidoscope artist Sue Rioux is one of our most popular stained glass kaleidoscopes, which features a beautiful green and blue designed glass system.
  • Vintage kaleidoscope lovers will like the mint condition Rainbow Handheld Dry Cell made in 1984 by artist Peach Reynolds. This vintage kaleidoscope is in mint condition!
  • The Mini Parlor Scope #08 by Charles Karadimos may be placed for display on a table, making it a centerpiece of attention!
  • Gemini’s handcrafted Butterfly Toy Kaleidoscope is ideal for children. This charming device features a printed exterior decorated with colorful butterflies.
  • Created by artists Deborah and Kevin Healy, this teleidoscope necklace is manufactured with silver anodized aluminum is a miniature device that may also be worn as a pendant

You can see our entire collection of new kaleidoscopes at KaleidoscopesToYou.com. Make sure you check back with us in March to see more new kaleidoscope designs!

What’s New at Kaleidoscopes To You – November

This month we have a variety of new products to offer from some of your favorite kaleidoscope artists, including Steve and Peggy Kittelson, John Culver, Joanne Jacobs, and more! Below are some of our favorite new products this month.

1. Goose Egg Art Kaleidoscopes ” Created by Frank Casciani, these egg kaleidoscopes are stunning pieces of artwork. Choose from the blue glitter egg kaleidoscope and the gold glitter egg kaleidoscope.
2. Vintage Marblescope Kaleidoscope ” With amazing detail and beautiful designs, this vintage kaleidoscope by artist John Culver is a beautiful addition to any kaleidoscope collection.
3. Serendipity Stained Glass Kaleidoscope ” Designed by Sue Rioux, this stunning kaleidoscope features two separate mirror systems housed in one sculpture. You’ll love looking through this masterpiece at the beautiful designs.
4. Single Daisy Kaleidoscope ” Spring may be gone, but Steve and Peggy Kittelson want you to be in a spring mood all year long with this single daisy kaleidoscope. Designed using an oil filled cell, and filled with an assortment of glass pieces, this kaleidoscope gives off a beautiful selection of shimmering designs.
5. Spiral Kaleidoscope Necklace ” Kaleidscopes aren’t just for display in your home or office. You can also display them on your neck with this stunning piece of kaleidoscope jewelry by artists Deborah and Kevin Healy.

You can see all of our new products for November at KaleidoscopesToYou.com. Make sure to check back with us next month to see what new products we have for December.

Kaleidoscopes To You – More Than Just Kaleidoscopes

When you think of Kaleidoscopes To You, kaleidoscopes naturally come to mind, but we’re much more than that. In addition to our large selection of kaleidoscopes, we also have a variety of other products. Of course, kaleidoscopes have always been our main passion, but when you browse KaleidoscopesToYou.com you’ll see that there’s more than meets the eye.

Handmade Marbles: If you enjoyed playing marbles as a child then you’ll love our selection of stunning art glass marbles! Created by Fritz Lauenstein, lauded glass artist, these mesmerizing marbles will enchant you with their beautiful colors and patterns.

Wine Accessories: Designed by Vino Strumenti, all of our wooden wine accessories are handmade from high quality hardwoods. KaleidoscopesToYou.com has all of your wine accessories, including wine stoppers, corkscrews, foil cutters, drip catchers, wine savers and even wine bottle holders!

Kinetic Art Mobiles: Decorate any room in your home with one of a kind Hotchkiss Mobiles. Designed by Joel Hotchkiss, these creative mobiles are made in the USA. They are pre-balanced, and are shipped ready to hang with easy directions.

Jewelry: Choose from a variety of jewelry by a number of popular designers, including fused art glass jewelry by Sue Roiux, dichroic glass jewelry pendants, and more!

You can see everything we have to offer at KaleidoscopesToYou.com. Don’t forget to follow Kaleidoscopes To You on Pinterest for one of a kind kaleidoscopes, artwork and more!

Top Kaleidoscopes & Kaleidoscope Products on Pinterest: May

I don’t know about you, but we’re always looking to Pinterest for new and interesting products and ideas. Whether it’s home décor or a DIY project, whenever we’re looking to inspire our creative side, Pinterest is the place to go. Pinterest is full of pinteresting kaleidoscopes and other fascinating products from KaleidoscopesToYou.com. Just look at these trending kaleidoscope pins!

1. Created by Kaleidoscope artists, Jon Greene and Janice Chesnik, the Supernova Kaleidoscope is a wonderful work of art. Sitting atop a carefully crafted walnut stand, this kaleidoscope would look wonderful decorating any room in your home or office!
Pinned by: http://pinterest.com/karankalie1/

2. This Gemstone Amber Kaleidoscope is part of Sue Rioux’s Gem Stone kaleidoscope collection. The beautiful pattern is reminiscent of a giraffe, and when you look through the lens you’ll love the colorful earth tone patterns.
Pinned by: http://pinterest.com/bdufeck/

3. Get lost in the colorful designs of a handmade glass marble by Jody Fine. Each marble is glass blown, so no two are the same!
Pinned by: http://pinterest.com/humestudio/

4. Having a children’s birthday party? These novelty kaleidoscopes are the perfect favors! Pinned to a board filled with Cat in the Hat birthday ideas, this pinner may be on to some interesting party ideas!
Pinned By: http://pinterest.com/rhammer33/

What kaleidoscopes have you been pinning? Let us know with a comment, and maybe your pin will be featured in our next Pinteresting blog post!

Blue, Blues, Blue Glass and Blue Kaleidoscopes

I wore blue turtleneck, jeans and blue sweater today. And the 3 scopes I’m most enamored with today are all gorgeous and tranquil creations from blue artglass. The kaleidoscopes use traditional stained glass technique as well as modern magic. Blue stained glass kaleidoscopes are what I am enthralled with today.

The first scope that soothes this Monday is the Kittleson Midnight Blue Mystic Rapture. This elegant kaleidoscope has a serene deep blue and the full palate of shades of this dusky blue inside.

Midnight Blue Mystic Rapture Kaleidoscope

Midnight Blue Mystic Rapture Kaleidoscope

Interior Image from Midnight Blue Mystic Rapture Kaleidoscope

Interior Image from Midnight Blue Mystic Rapture Kaleidoscope

Another scope that showcases incredible blue glass is the Bella Sera crafted by Sue Rioux.
This is an hip and modern sculptural statement using traditional stained glass techniques.

Bella Sera by Sue Rioux

Bella Sera by Sue Rioux

Bella Sera Eyepiece

Bella Sera Eyepiece

Bella Sera Interior Image

Bella Sera Interior Image

And then there is this magical piece that incorporates blue glass, blue Japanese and English papers, blue paint and even a blue dragonfly. The Peek A Box by Marc Tickle

Peek A Box in Blue by Marc Tickle

Peek A Box in Blue by Marc Tickle

Peek A Box has the kaleidoscope hidden under a mirror within the box. This piece is real magic encapsulated in art glass.
Glass Dragonfly within the Peek A Box Kaleidoscope

Glass Dragonfly within the Peek A Box Kaleidoscope

Watch the YouTube video as it demonstrates the magic and colors better than words.
Peek A Box by Marc Tickle at Kaleidoscopes To You

Peek A Box Interior Image

Peek A Box Interior Image

August 2011 What’s New at Kaleidoscopes To You

Summertime may quiet and relaxing at times, but this August has been full of activity at Kaleidoscopes To You.

Each month we create a new section on our website that features new scopes or items that have arrived or been unearthed from a quiet corner here. This August, we have so much beautiful new items, it is hard to squeeze them into a short narrative here! Here’s a quick recap of 3 of the new pieces.

Most recent piece here is Cherry Blossom by Kittleson. We received #6 of the edition and it is absolutely extraordinary. The delicate sculpted Cherry Blossom inside. The fused and slumped Cherry Blossoms on the exterior barrel are so delicate and exquisite, I have writer’s block just trying to find words and adjectives to describe it. Thankfully, we have some YouTube video so you can watch and enjoy.

YouTube Video of Cherry Blossom Kaleidoscope by Kittlesons

Equally delicate and precise is the Bronze Hibiscus Kaleidoscope by Yasuko Nakazato. I hand picked a lovely kaleidoscope by Yasuko at the Brewster Kaleidoscope Convention and the image of it has been so popular, that we have reordered more than once this summer. Each kaleidoscope by Yasuko is just as spectacular as the one before it.



Wishes is a new kaleidoscope designed by Sue Rioux. Sue’s dichroic and fused glass creates all the components of a well engineered barrels. Then she adds the magic of dichroic glass into the mirror system. It’s as if you stuffed all of your Wishes inside this magical kaleidoscope.

Now, before you start thinking that all we do is play with kaleidoscopes, let me update you on our remodel! The warehouse is fabulous (especially with efficient insulation and central air conditioning!) and we are settling in and getting shelves organized and labeled. The old warehouse space is sealed, painted and getting scrubbed so the floor can be resealed. We are looking forward to having all of our workspaces within one collaboration space.

Karl and I are used to being at opposite ends of 2 joined buildings, so this could be interesting as I move about 20 feet away from his workspace.

Keep checking back to see the final offices as we have antique church stained glass windows that we are going to incorporate into this space.

And the summer temps have started to cool down and we are very dry here in North Iowa. School even started yesterday so autumn is right around the corner!

Artist Profile and Interview with Sue Rioux

Karl and I here at Kaleidoscopes To You just love our Flip Camera technology. It allows us to capture so much more of the kaleidoscopes that we feature and now we are beginning to capture interviews with artists. This allows you the rare opportunity to learn even more about how and why these kaleidoscopes are so fabulous.

At the most recent Brewster Kaleidoscope Convention, Karl had the opportunity to interview Sue Rioux; a fabulous stained glass artist. During this interview, Sue talks about her work throughout almost 30 years of art. Her training is as sculptor and painting; however her work in the late 70’s is predominantly flat panel stained glass installations. Then Sue saw the brass kaleidoscopes of Janice Chesnik in a gallery in southern California. Sue began using brass tubes with her stained glass to create kaleidoscopes as well and then the glass inspired Sue even more.

Sue’s work since the mid 90’s has been flat panel stained glass construction with beautiful barrels or oil filled barrels for the chambers. Sue also fuses glass and dichroic glass in her kiln to create beautiful components for her kaleidoscope exteriors, barrels and interiors.

Take a look at Miraposa.

Miraposa by Sue Rioux

Miraposa by Sue Rioux

This creation showcases all that is fantastic and unique about Sue Rioux’s kaleidoscopes. The fused and dichroic glass soldered into this exquisite turning barrel.

Miraposa Barrel

Miraposa Barrel

The technique and solid construction of the body and the mirror system.

Miraposa Eyepiece

Miraposa Eyepiece

The vibrant colors.

Miraposa Interior

Miraposa Interior