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The Different Types of Kaleidoscopes

As a child, you have a “if you’ve seen one kaleidoscope, you’ve seen them all” mindset, but as an adult who enjoys collecting these beautiful works of art, you know that there are different types of kaleidoscopes. Teleidoscope

Kaleidoscope: The most common form of a kaleidoscope is a cylinder, containing loose, colorful objects and mirrors, which are used to create a reflection of beautiful colors.

Teleidoscope: Invented by John Lyon Burnside and patented in 1972, a teleidoscope has a lens with an open view, which can be used to form stunning patterns from objects outside of the device. With a teleidoscope you can turn the entire world into a colorful piece of wonder.

Wheelscope: This type of kaleidoscope features one or more wheels at the end of the viewing tube. These unique kaleidoscopes can have removable and interchangeable rotating object chambers.

MarblescopeThis type of kaleidoscope uses single or multiple marbles instead of the object chamber that’s normally used. These kaleidoscopes can contain a large number of images.

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