Falling for New Kaleidoscopes

Wooden kaleidoscopes

To welcome fall, we have several amazing new kaleidoscopes available. Our kaleidoscopes let you leave the world behind as you peer into a tube featuring shifting shapes, colors and designs. They also look amazing, made with a decorator’s eye to enhance the décor in any room of your home.

  • The Blue Twist is designed by Ken and Dore Wilhoite, and it is one of our unique four point star kaleidoscopes. The viewing cell features a two-mirror setup that displays diamond shaped or square images. Vividly colored glass fragments float in oil to provide a striking visual image every time you shift the cylinder.
  • Our White Iridescent Butterfly kaleidoscope blends in with the décor of a contemporary room. The beautiful kaleidoscope’s exterior is made from stained glass, and it has glass wheels filled with butterfly wings.
  • The Oil Chamber Spinner kaleidoscopes in aqua or dark blue are two of our new models. They feature lampworked glass floating in oil. Lampworked glass is melted with a torch or a lamp, and it provides a unique visual experience.
  • Ken and Dore Wilhoite also designed our Sugar Plum kaleidoscope. The creative team made the viewing piece’s exterior from plum colored ceramic. Upon looking inside, you’ll notice that it displays a circular image. It does this because it comes with a two-mirror system in the cell.


When you gaze inside a kaleidoscope, you find everyday stress slide away as you focus on the device’s color and pattern changes. Just try it for yourself to see exactly what we mean.

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