promotional gifts and Custom Kaleidoscopes

We really have a lot of fun creating and designing custom kaleidoscopes for events and promotional gifts here at Kaleidoscopes To You.

I think one of the more playful concepts we did were favors for a holiday banquet party.  The theme was snowflakes and the kaleidoscopes featured icy blues and aquas within and without.  And when they set the tables, they had a special kaleidoscope that said Centerpiece Winner, just one for each table!  Much more fun than the sticker under the chair…

Weddings and anniversaries are wonderful when commemorated through a kaleidoscope.  Carolyn Bennett creates a wonderful acrylic kaleidoscope that can even be created with the couple’s wedding invitation within the barrel as well as custom items within the cell with their names.  Here is her Snowflake version.
and another version for a birth announcement

One of the most common requests we receive is to put your own picture within the kaleidoscope image.  Here’s how a kaleidoscope works – you look through a tunnel of mirrors at a single image or cell or wheel.  You only see one slice of the wheel and it is multiplied many times by the mirrors within the tube.  This is why we only recommend a simple icon or word in black or a very dark color.

We print your icon or word onto a clear vinyl product and then we assemble it within the kaleidoscope or teleidoscope of your choice.

Here is an example of JDRF through a Jazzy cardboard kaleidoscope.  Remember this is only printed once, but reflected many times.
Personalized Corporate Gifts, Business Gifts, Kaleidoscope with Full color Exterior Wrap and Custom Interior and Logo or Word  in Black - Great for Events & Parties

We can also use a custom color mix of beads for your internal cells.  These can compliment the theme or corporate colors. So call us at kaleidoscopes To You for your Promotional gifts and Custom Kaleidoscopes.

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